The Ultimate Guide To Grow 10 Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

The 10 Best Edible Flowers to Grow in Your Garden-Ultimate Guide:

Decorating cakes, pastries and other desserts with edible flowers is a trend that is quickly catching on. Yes, you read that right! There are a few flowers that are totally edible and you can grow them in your very own garden, instead of having to buy them. Now, before we tell you all about these edible flowers, let’s quickly take heed of these guidelines:

  • Eat a flower only when you are 100% sure that it is edible and safe. Some flowers may look similar to an edible one, which is why you need to double check.
  • Eat only those flowers that are grown organically. Some reputed online stores that have edible flowers for sale can ensure that.
  • Like any other vegetable, make sure you wash the flowers thoroughly.
  • In case of most flowers, only the petals are edible.

Now let’s have a look at these 10 edible flowers you can easily grow in your kitchen garden-

  1. Nasturtiums:

    This is one of the most popular edible flowers. These are easily available in many varieties and colours. The most common colours that you’d find these in are oranges, reds, and yellows. The edible parts of nasturtiums are petals, leaves, and seeds. When it comes to flavour, you’d find these parts to be a bit spicy-peppery, somewhere between watercress and radish.

  2. Roses:

    Roses have a sweet flavour with a tad bit of spice, the kind that you’d enjoy. The intensity of their flavour can change depending on the type and soil conditions. Please note that the darker the petals, the stronger the flavour. we are listing a few tips and tricks below to make your first attempt great,with roses.

  3. Calendula:

    Calendula navigates from spicy to bitter and tangy to peppery in taste. It is not only tasty, but also has skin-healing properties. Its colour can vary from yellows to oranges. Calendula is also called the poor man’s saffron.

  4. Daylily:

    Daylilies come in the shades of yellow, red, orange, purple and white. They taste somewhat like asparagus. To consume it, you’d have to remove the bitter white base. Before you eat it, make sure you are consuming daylily and not any other kind of lily as it can be toxic and fatal. Apart from food, you can also use daylily to make beautiful edible flower bouquets .

  5. Lavender:

    Lavender has soothing properties and smells amazing. But did you know that it is also a popular herb that’s used in various dishes? It has a very distinctive floral taste that is a crossover between rosemary and mint. You can also use lavender in sweet dishes.

  6. Chive:

    Chives are obtained from onion (Allium) family. Its flavour is a bit milder than the foliage. It has a delicious onion essence, and you can use these in salads and vinaigrettes.

  7. Echinacea :

    Also known as coneflower, it is a popular medicinal herb and is often used as a remedy for colds. Most of its benefits are in the roots and seed head, and Echinacea’s petals are edible as well.

  8. Squash Blossoms :

    The petals of all types of squash are edible. The most popular one is the male flower of the zucchini and crookneck squash. Squash blossoms can be eaten raw in a salad. You can also stuff it with ricotta and batter fry for added flavour and crunch.

  9. Dandelion:

    Dandelions are entirely edible. If it is a young blood variety, it would taste a bit sweet like honey, but if it is a mature bloom, it will taste a bit bitter.

  10. Viola :

    Viola is a cool weather bloom that can be used with lollipops and cupcakes! Viola has a sweet flavour and comes in various colours too. It can be used for garnishing.

    So, get ready to grow these beautiful as well as delectable flowers in your garden and decorate both savoury and sweet dishes in a unique way from now on.And if you can't grow them avail a bouquet delivery service after deciding what flowers would be best.

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