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All of us get into the soup at some point and saying a simple sorry just doesn’t cut it. You need something more to make things right and this is where the “I am sorry flowers” work wonders. No one can deny that flowers bring an instant smile to your face and you are immediately struck with an “awwww” feeling. You simply cannot go wrong with flowers; they are safe, neutral, pretty, enchanting, basically all good things rolled in one. And last but not the least, they’re definitely cheaper than any trinket you might be thinking of presenting. So here are some gorgeous sorry flowers to help you make- up for your blunder:


Yellow roses symbolise friendship. They are perfect for expressing your heartfelt regret especially to a friend. If it’s a girlfriend go for the pink ones which add a hint of romance to your apology and red roses can never be wrong for your love. They are a loud and clear declaration of your intentions and will melt the angriest of hearts.


In Victorian language of love, lilies portray love, ardour and affection for your loved one. They symbolise innocence and purity, thus when given to remove a discord, their gesture cannot be overlooked or misunderstood. Their dainty and delicate appearance calls for careful handling, just like a meaningful relationship which is precious and needs to be dealt with love and tenderness.


Orchids are exotic and elegant and as such when you gift them to someone it shows the extra care you have taken to make them feel good. These enchantingly fragile flowers come in numerous hues and if taken care of well, last for a good period. They symbolise luxury and refined tastes. So if you want to make someone feel extra special these flowers are the ones to go for. They are bound to make the receiver feel cherished and pampered and remove any angst they may be holding in their hearts.


White tulips whisper out peace, tranquillity, calmness. There is a certain aura about them which soothes the ruffled, tense atmosphere. Though these may not be so readily available you can order these apology flowers online. These flowers transport you to the gardens of Amsterdam and make you feel so loved and special that you can’t help forgive the giver.


Ivy is a clean, classic, earthy kind of a plant and an ideal gift if you want to apologise to someone who doesn’t care about a doodad floral display. You can gift an ivy bush alone or mix it with other flowers like peace lily. This is a strong plant that can grow in the hardiest of environments and as such symbolises eternity and strong affectionate attachment.

Gifting flowers by way of an apology is a way of showing your recipient that you are committed to the relationship and are keen to acknowledge your mistake, and make amends. It establishes your fidelity and eases any doubts that your loved one may be harbouring. You can never go wrong with saying sorry with flowers.

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