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5 Stunning Last-Minute Floral Gifts for Dad
When the clock strikes 12, and you realize it’s almost Father’s Day, no need to panic if you haven’t planned out something amazing for your dad. The good thing is, fathers are not very fussy when it comes to presents, and they will love whatever you give with love and consideration, especially if it’s your time. But even if you forgot to make arrangements in advance, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for something ordinary. When the recipient is so special, the gift has to be too, right? For this reason, we dug a little deeper and picked out 5 stunning last minute gifts for the first man you ever loved!

Flower and Chocolate Combo

Somethings never get old, just like the classic pairing of flowers and chocolate. The good thing about this gift is that it can be arranged in the nick of time and let’s face it, who doesn’t love flowers and chocolate? When you put the two together, it makes a gift that no one can refuse! Not us, for sure. You can find several delicious and gorgeous flower and chocolate combo and pick one that would complement your dad’s demeanor. Make sure your assortment contains the chocolates he loves! Of course, if you’re spending this Father’s Day with him, you get to pig out on some chocolate delights too.

House Plants

If your dad is a self-proclaimed gardening expert and harbors a love for nature, he will love anything to do with plants. Good news is, even if you forgot all about Father’s Day, you could still get away with this choice. Buy him a house plant that he can nurture. House plants are not great for purifying the inner air; they also beautify homes. There are so many options to choose from! Since not all plants gel well indoors, we suggest you get him the classic money tree , which is thought to bring good luck, fortune and prosperity. It is often touted as the ‘good luck tree, and if there’s anything we all can use more of, it’s some positive energy! You can also buy the gorgeous Bromeliad — the most common house plant to cleanse the air. In fact, these plants are known to provide 24/7 air purification. Not to mention they would look absolutely stunning sitting on his home office desk!

I Love you ‘Beary’ Much

Dads love hugs, all things mushy, and of course, bears! If your childhood was spent in your dad’s warm, protective embrace, get him a teddy bear to reminisce about days spent when he would read stories to put you to bed. This Father’s Day, get your dad the unmistakable teddy bear and rose bouquet because who wouldn’t like it? Roses are always a welcome gift as they bring beauty and freshness inside homes and an adorable teddy to go with it is like the cherry on top. If you miss your dad’sgiant, beary hugs, pay tribute to him with this super cute and fun gift combo!

Fruit Basket

Our dads have always been there for us, taking care of us in sickness and in health. As the circle of life goes, this is a small chance to pay him back. Instead of gifts that are just for fun, show him you really care with nature’s bounty. Get him a delicious fruit basket that contains an assortment of juicy fruits. This last-minute gift idea shows someone really cares. We bet your dad will appreciate the gesture and make yummy smoothies to boost his health every morning! Make sure the fruit gift basket is from a reliable source so he can gain the maximum health benefits.

Flower Bouquet

Last but definitely not the least, get your dad the classic flower bouquet to go with practically anything. Regardless of gender, let’s just reiterate that everyone loves flowers. They bring in a breath of fresh air, and who doesn’t love to be pampered this way? Your dad does, too, even if he’s a little shy to tell you. In case you forgot all about Father’s Day, get a floral delivery to his doorstep. There are so many different kinds of flower bouquets to choose from that you’ll easily find one that he particularly loves. From roses to orchids to lilies, you can find any kind of floral bouquet here .

Celebrate with Flowers

Flowers make a great gift for special occasions, and Father’s Day qualifies. So send hassle-free same-day delivery to your dad’s doorstep to make up for the fact that you forgot about this special day. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us!

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