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7 Most Romantic Flowers for the Women You Love

Romantic gifts for her

1. Red Roses

No talk of romance is complete without the honorary mention of red roses. Not only do red roses look stunning, they are heralded the most romantic flowers all over the word! Sales of red roses spike around Valentine’s Day as the classic red rose is symbolic of everlasting love and passion. You can send roses for practically any occasion as an unparalleled way to say I love you. Claim your title as the best boyfriend with a roses delivery to her place every now and then.

2. Lilies

Where roses are the first and most obvious choice, lilies bag a second close position. These delicate flowers are every woman’s favorite, and our special recommendation is the bold and beautiful stargazer lily, to pay an ode to the strong woman of today. Lilies are often symbolic of wealth and prosperity so they make great birthday gifts for your sweetheart.

3. Tulips

The amazing variety of colors that tulips come in makes them the obvious choice for a bubbly and outspoken woman. You can personalize these flowers to suit the occasion: red tulips denote love, while white tulips are representative of an apology. Tulips are a great romantic choice to give when your relationship is relatively new, yet promising.

4. Camellia

For couples looking for something a little deep, the delicate camellia is the right choice to celebrate and pay tribute to your many years of togetherness. They symbolize faithfulness, devotion and longevity, the perfect way to convey your love and loyalty towards her. They come in vibrant colors like red and pink, to add just the right hue of romance to your anniversary or birthday celebrations.

5. Blue Iris

If you think roses are a bit too clichéd for your liking, the blue iris is the way to go. Iris is actually the Greek Goddess of love, so this explains why it made it to our list of the most romantic flowers. The blue iris is not only fascinating to look at but also a sophisticated choice for a more mature woman. It hints towards a rare and unique quality, ideal for someone truly special to you.

6. Daisy

White daisies symbolize purity, representative of the pure bond you share with the woman in your life. Daisies date back to Norse mythology, where it was the chosen flower of Freya, the goddess of love and beauty. Give this flower bouquet to your wife and celebrate the milestones you both will conquer in the years to come.

7. Carnations

If you are looking for a soft flower to match the innocence and delicacy of a loved one, pastel carnations are just the right choice. They are elegant and subdued, ideal for an introverted person. White carnations are symbolic of pure love, trust, while baby pink ones depict admiration. This particular flower is for the month of January, so they make great birthday gifts for all first month born women.

No matter what stage of your relationship, you can never go wrong with a fresh floral bouquet. You can easily schedule a flower delivery to your wife, girlfriend, or lover and bring a smile to her face.  After all, it’s the least you can do to show your appreciation for her unwavering support and commitment to you.

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