Betty Miller - Flower Expert

Her Vision

  • To have the World’s Best Nursery.
  • To inform the world how to take care of flowers
  • To publish her very own book
  • The Journey
    To be able to do so by spread the joy through gifting & sharing her expertise with the world. As far back as she can remember, plants and flowers were the love of Betty Miller’s life. With hands in the soil, she learned at an early age to feel and cherish the energy that the earth transfers to her through her fingers. She loves Mother Earth and all the goodness that she bestows upon us. She loves, more than anything, to follow each plant’s growth, each blossom’s particular charms. Betty feels that flowers are beautiful & they help in beautifying our houses and our lives. She says, “The first flower I ever got was a beautiful red rose which had been dropped on the sidewalk from a girl’s cycle basket. Unbelievable as it may sound, I took care of that rose & it was in full bloom for 10 whole days in my crooked bottle that I use to call a vase at that time. It felt like a miracle”

    Her education
    Betty graduated with B.Tech first from the Institute of Technology, and then took her MBA from the Symbiosis Institute of management studies. She didn’t waste any time after that, pursuing her ambition of teaching the entire world on how to handle plants, how to maintain them, and about the characteristics of the various families of flowers.

    Her passion

    Working out of her own nursery in the USA, she too wrote articles for magazines, newspapers & blogging fervently about flowers and all matters related to knowing about flowers. She is known to her friends as “green thumb” Betty, she will one day publish her first book, and the nature loving world will undoubtedly take notice. She aspires to make her small little nursery the top most in the world and finds new ways and means to tell people how beautiful flowers are and if kept the proper way they make your lives and homes beautiful as well.

    Her Challenge
    Her first day at her nursery was the one that keeps Betty going. It was the first step towards achieving her dreams that had slowly started to come true. She realized that the along with having the gift of understanding and caring for flowers she needed to learn a lot more than the knowledge she possessed naturally. After a lot of studying, learning, reading and writing Betty Miller became an expert in the field of flowers and now has wonderful ideas and insights to offer. She is still trying her best to bring up her nursery in the eyes of the world and to spread the knowledge she has about flowers as far and wide as possible, till she becomes the best flower expert in town.

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