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Amazing Flower Bouquet Ideas for a Fall Wedding


Fall is a popular time for weddings as it offers the perfect climate for outdoor and indoor events. The nature inspired themes one can choose from, for fall weddings are many in number. One of the important decisions that have to be made for any wedding is about choosing the right flowers and arrangements for the wedding bouquet. If the wedding bouquet design is what you are losing your sleep about, do not worry, as here are all the right tips for you. Use these tips and tricks to create a wedding bouquet so beautiful that the bride may think twice before tossing it to the spinsters.

Big is Beautiful

A wedding bouquet is something people will notice when the bride walks down the aisle and a big beautiful bouquet will surely catch eyes. If you cannot put your finger on one single bloom and are confused between different options, you can use multiple flowers to make a jaw dropping wedding bouquet. Choose a colour in accordance with the wedding theme, and get plenty of seasonal blooms in the same colour and add them to the bouquet. Some of the fall wedding flowers easily available include dahlia, roses, lily of the Incas, chrysanthemums, and Transvaal daisies among many others.

Accent it!

When creating a wedding bouquet, make sure to use the right fillers to accent the flowers and make them stand out. These fillers can be either flowers or greens, depending on the main flowers you choose. The fillers don’t just fill the little spaces but also play an important role in creating the contrast needed and also add the volume that is needed.

Apart from the flowers and greens, a number of other elements can also be added to the wedding bouquet to accent it. Crystals, satin or velvet ribbons are some of the popular choices. You can use your favourite accent in colours that match the wedding decor theme, to enhance your bouquet.

Experiment with Shapes

Wedding bouquets do not always have to be of the same shape. Depending on what the bride prefers and the formality of the wedding, one can create different types of wedding bouquet. You can choose tight round ones for an indoor setting, while bouquets tumbling to the side are an ideal fit for outdoor weddings. Even the arrangements of the flowers, as to how tightly or loosely they will be packed together, can be experimented with, to create something unique yet beautiful.

Mix and match colours

For a jewel-toned bouquet, try combining deep red or purple mums with pink or red roses or even orange ones. Purple orchids, red daisies or purple and red carnations are also a great idea. If you wish to create a pastel bouquet, choose pale pink, cream and lavender roses or carnations or daisies. You can also create bouquets with contrasting hues by pairing red roses with white carnations, deep purple mums with white daisies and so on. Flowers in shades of sunny yellow and orange can also add much warmth to a bouquet, and you can achieve this with yellow mums and orange daisies!

So, try looking for the best and freshest fall flowers online and keep the above tips in mind to put together the perfect wedding bouquet. Make your big day truly memorable.

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