amazon lily
Originating in Columbia, the amazon lily thrives in warm temperatures and is noted for the white brilliant blooms.

Amazon Lily - Eucharis grandiflora, belong to the genus Eucharis. Genus Eucharis contains 15-20 species in the family Amaryllidaceae, native to Central and South America. Amazon lily flower resemble daffodil flowers and are sweetly scented, and borne in groups of four.


The bulbous Amazon lily is a low growing bulb producing star shaped clusters of white flowers held high above the plant. Each cluster contains 3-6 fragrant flowers. Amazon lily flowers are very showy, leaves are large and spectacular. The large showy Amazon Lily white flowers are borne in an umbel of three to ten on an erect scape 40-80 cm long. The flowers are beautiful in having a prominent corona, which is sometimes tinged with green.

  • Amazon Lily is a bulbous perennial plant.
  • Amazon Lily plant leaves are basal and narrow into petioles.
  • Amazon Lily is a beautiful shade loving plant from South America.
  • The shinny dark green foliage is very attractive.
  • The broad stalked leaves are 20-55 cm long and 10-20 cm broad.
  • The glossy leaves of Amazon Lily plant are deep green, several inches wide and in the form of a rosette.
  • The tall Amazon Lily spikes bear fragrant, waxy, long lasting white flowers.
  • Mature clumps can flower at different times of the year but more often it will flower in the spring.
  • It likes shade and sheltered areas and makes an excellent potted plant.
  • The bulbs will go dormant if the temperatures goes near freezing.
  • Amazon Lily plants can flower twice a year.
  • All parts of Amazon Lily plant are poisonous if ingested.
  • Amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora) can be planted from February through May, and will bloom in the winter.
  • Amazon lily plant needs partial shade.
  • Amazon lily bulb should be planted with the tip on the surface of the soil.
  • Amazon lily's corm is planted 4 inches deep.
  • Keep the soil moist, allowing the surface to dry to the touch between waterings.
  • Feed bi-monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer, so that it has a glossy green appearance.
  • Amazon lilies demand more water. Water them often from spring through summer and early fall. The intensity of awtering can be reduced in winter months.
  • Repot Amazon lilies every 3-4 years.
  • Make sure that the soil is rich and porous, with excellent drainage.
  • Keep the bulbs at 75 to 80 degrees to begin growth.
  • Give atleast 70 degrees of temperatures during their growth.
  • Place Amazon lily palnts in a bright window, but never in direct sunlight.
  • Fertilize the plants regularly.