Ann Lovejoy, a free-lance garden and food writer. Ann lives with her two teenage sons on Bainbridge Island, a ferry ride away from Seattle, Washington. Ann Lovejoy is known as The Mother Theresa of organic gardening. In 1996, she was awarded the American Horticultural Society?s Horticultural Writing Award for excellence in writing and significant contribution to horticulture.

An organic gardener all her life and a garden writer for more than 15 years, Ann Lovejoy began her foray into gardening by growing vegetables and herbs but soon branched out into making ornamental gardens as well. Today, her gardens combine plants of all kinds, edible and beautiful, in carefully arranged communities.

As one of America's most well-known and widely respected gardening gurus, Ann Lovejoy is frequently asked how she gardens so successfully. Ann Lovejoy's garden school classes are offered throughout the Northwest.

Today, her gardens combine plants of all kinds, edible and beautiful, in carefully arranged communities. Her garden designs and plantings echo the layers found in nature.

  • Ann has featured on HGTV, National Public Radio, and national public television.
  • She has written more than 18 gardening books, including The American Mixed Border, Further Along the Garden Path, Fragrance in Bloom, and Gardening from Scratch, and is a regular garden and food columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
  • Her public volunteer gardening project (The Town in Bloom) turns neglected public spaces into thriving gardens entirely maintained by volunteers. This program recently won a national award and is the model for projects being developed in other communities.
  • Ann is the founder and director or the Sequoi Center for the Healing Arts, which offers daily classes in tai chi, yoga, and meditation, and is host of a women's community circle.
  • Some of her more unusual classes introduce gardeners to beneficial bugs and compost teas, and her workshops on Bulldozer Gardening teach students-often including professionals-how to use heavy machinery efficiently and without harming existing trees.
  • Her classes accommodate both small and large groups and garden clubs and sometimes include continuing education programs for regional Master Gardeners.
  • Garden school travel programs take gardeners as far afield as Europe and Costa Rica, where Ann has developed a gardeners' eco-tour program for EcoTeach, a nonprofit foundation that supports environmental protection projects in Costa Rica.

Some of the books she wrote were co-authored by other gardening experts.