Two kinds of Diamond Anniversaries are celebrated, the 60th and the 75th. The 60th anniversary was added when Queen Victoria of England celebrated her Diamond Jubilee on the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne in 1897. This has since been adopted as an appropriate Wedding Anniversary also.

Anniversaries are a celebration of any notable event such as marriage, establishment of business etc. Death anniversaries are solemn events. A Wedding Anniversary is the most popularly celebrated anniversary worldwide. Anniversary wishes and flowers are the most important elements of an anniversary. Giving flowers to your spouse is the best way to express your feelings on your wedding anniversary. Romance is incomplete without Flowers.

Wishing your friends and family on their anniversary through flowers conveys your best wishes ideally. Convey your wishes and happiness through Flowers on the wedding anniversaries of your friends and family members - parents, in-laws, siblings, etc. Send a bouquet of fresh flowers to say, Happy Anniversary! Flowers are a beautiful surprise on any anniversary. Flowers will most eloquently convey your sympathies to the bereaved family on a death anniversary.

Wedding Anniversaries are special occasions for couples to celebrate their love for each other. Celebrating your wedding anniversary helps you strengthen your bond and rediscover the reasons you chose to marry each other on this special day of that year. Every wedding anniversary deserves a celebration in a special way. A Wedding Anniversary celebration each year is an annual renewal of your commitment to each another as a couple. Flowers are the best way to express your feelings for the couple on their wedding anniversary or for your spouse on your special day.

A beautifully designed Anniversary Flower Arrangement shows you care. Send Anniversary Flowers to the lucky couple expressing your best wishes on the occasion of joy, celebrated by the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. Reward your friends and family on their wedding anniversary with something special - Flowers. Give your partner his/her favorite flowers on your Wedding Anniversary. It also is traditional to give a gift to your partner or the celebrating couples that symbolize the particular anniversary. These gifts are made of different materials for each wedding anniversary. Send these gifts with your Wedding Anniversary Flowers to add a special touch.

Your Wedding Anniversary is a time to celebrate your continued bond with your beloved. Whether it is the first anniversary or your 50th year together, show your partner how special they are! Send Flowers and let them speak of your everlasting love. Wedding anniversary flowers are perfect for that special someone in your life. Charm your sweetheart with a blushing bouquet of Red Roses. Flowers make the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your family and friends.

Through traditional practice flowers and precious stones or metals have come to be associated with a particular anniversary year. The 10th anniversary is called the Aluminum Wedding Anniversary, the 4th is the Books Wedding Anniversary, 8th is the Bronze Wedding Anniversary, and the 20th is the China Wedding Anniversary .

The custom of the celebration of the Silver (25th Wedding Anniversary) and Gold (50th Wedding Anniversary) originated in Middle Europe (Germanic Region). The spouse gave his wife a silver garland celebrating 25 years of marriage. Twelve and a half years of marriage is also celebrated in some European countries using Copper as the Anniversary Symbol.

Wedding Anniversaries and Flowers

Anniversary Year Associated Flowers
1st Wedding Anniversary Carnations/ Pansies
2nd Wedding Anniversary Cosmos
3rd Wedding Anniversary Fuchsias
4th Wedding Anniversary Geraniums
5th Wedding Anniversary Daisies
6th Wedding Anniversary Calla Lilies
7th Wedding Anniversary Jack-in-the-Pulpit
8th Wedding Anniversary Clematis
9th Wedding Anniversary Poppies
10th Wedding Anniversary Daffodils
11th Wedding Anniversary Morning Glory
12th Wedding Anniversary Peonies
13th Wedding Anniversary Hollyhocks
14th Wedding Anniversary Dahlias
15th Wedding Anniversary Roses
20th Wedding Anniversary Day Lillies
25th Wedding Anniversary Iris
28th Wedding Anniversary Orchids
30th Wedding Anniversary Sweet Pea
40th Wedding Anniversary Nasturtiums
50th Wedding Anniversary Violets