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Say Sorry To Your Partner With Beautiful Apology Flowers

Say Sorry To Your Partner With Beautiful Apology Flowers

As much as we try to be perfect and always be right and good to everyone, we are human after all and are bound to make mistakes. In relationships, there are times when you have said or done something you shouldn’t have and now you want to apologise. A simple sorry can actually be quite powerful in eliminating misunderstanding, and work to re-establish the relationship on even stronger grounds.

So, if you are looking for ways to apologise to your partner who is upset, you can send flowers as a subtle way of letting them know you are sorry.

Why Sending Flowers to Say Sorry is a Great Idea

Oftentimes, it so happens you want to apologise but do not want to make it too glaring. Saying sorry to someone directly might make you feel more guilty. Also, at times, you might not even be sure whether the other person is expecting an apology.

Flowers can say it for you when you can’t. With flowers, apologising is not restricted to just that but becomes an expression of love and how much you value your beloved.

Types of Apology Flowers to Consider

While flowers, in general, are suitable for all kinds of expressions, following are some apology flowers, suited best for the purpose:


Roses are the eternal expressions of love. A bunch of white roses can as effectively say sorry on your behalf as a bunch of red roses saying, ‘I love you’. With roses, you can never go wrong and they should be your first choice, especially if your partner already loves these beautiful blossoms. Get a hanging bouquet with a small note, too, if you want to make it a bit special. Any flower delivery provider will easily arrange this for you.


Apologising also implies you are being humble and keeping aside the ego and bitterness that can often poison a relationship. By saying sorry, you admit your share of mistakes and decide to be careful in the future. Lilies symbolise innocence, purity and grace -- the precise sentiments you have when you apologise. A bunch of lilies has the potential to immediately bring a smile to your loved one’s face, who may otherwise be feeling disappointed because of you.


Tulips are spring blossoms and they are big, bright and cheerful. They are usually, red, pink and yellow, all vibrant colours. By choosing tulips, you are indicating you want to start the relationship afresh, as fresh and new as these blossoms.

Choose a Professional Flower-Delivery Company to Send Flowers

Well, it is always a great idea to show up at the doorstep of the person you are apologising to with a bouquet in your hand. However, in case you are located away from the person, and don’t want to miss the chance to say sorry, you can go for the online flower delivery option. Remember to use the services of a professional and reputed company for the purpose. After all, you want your apology to be as meaningful as you are making it sweet.

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