All About The April Birth Flower: Daisy


Spring is here and before the heat of summer takes over, let’s get smitten by the beautiful April birth flower, daisy. Just like we all have different zodiac signs and stones for our respective birthday months, we also have different birthday month flowers. For those born in April, it is the beautiful daisy flowers. With white soft petals and a yellow golden fluffy centre, daisies symbolize loyal love, purity, innocence, new beginnings, motherhood, and transformation.

Daisy flowers can be of many types, so if you have your friends or loved ones celebrating birthdays in the month of April, you know what to gift them. Gift delivery always gets more thrilling if you include a variety of birthday flowers in the same bouquet.

Types of Daisy Flowers -

Gerbera Daisy - These daisies are native to South Africa and are one of the most popular ones in the whole lot. These flowers need sunlight and are found in different colours apart from white and yellow, such as pink, cream, red and violet. The centre of this flower can also be in a different colour apart from yellow. These are considered to be perennial plants.

English Daisy - These are also referred to as common daisy flowers as they have a yellow centre and white petals. In North Europe, one can find many such flowers. Surprisingly, in some parts of America, English Daisy can become a stubborn weed.

Shasta Daisy - Shasta daisy resembles English daisies, except that, they are taller and have a disc bigger than that of English daisies. These flowers are also considered perennial. Needless to say, Shasta daisies love sunlight and moist soil. They also have a very distinct fragrance.

Painted Daisy - These daisies come in different colours such as white, red, purple, and pink. These flowers attract butterflies and repel insects and bugs. Like many other daisies, these too are long-lasting. These plants are native to south western Asia.

There are many more varieties of these beautiful birthday flowers. The interesting thing about a daisy is that they make up for 10% of all flowers in the world and they are made of two separate flowers, giving an impression of only one flower. Daisies mostly grow in open green fields and meadows.

With the number of variants available, daisies are great gifting options, not just for those born in April, but also for any other occasion. On a romantic occasion, purple or red daisies can just brighten up your loved one’s day. Do not forget to send a personalized note along with daisies to your loved ones. We all love well-thought gifts, don't we? And if you tell your loved ones about your reasons for selecting daisies and how daisies actually define them in a way, a smile on their face is certain. Tips like these will definitely make your flower delivery a huge surprise for your friends, partners, and family.

So, avail a bouquet delivery service after deciding what flowers would be best for your mother on her special day. Do not forget to send a personalized note along with the flowers, as after all, mums deserve all of this and much more!

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