Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas With Lilies

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas With Lilies

When it comes to selecting flower bouquets for your wedding, most people go for traditional options such as roses, hydrangeas and peonies. Undoubtedly, these look extremely beautiful when used in a floral arrangement. However, there are some other less traditional flower varieties that also look absolutely stunning in a wedding bouquet. Lilies are one such wonderful option.

Using Lilies in a Wedding Flower Bouquet

Lilies are one of the most widely admired variety of flowers that comes in a myriad of versions and colour options. From stargazers and trumpets to calla lilies and gloriosa, there are so many different varieties that you can choose from. Also, these beautiful blooms are available around the year and can be added to a bouquet in many different ways to enhance its charm. You can always call your nearest florist and ask them to send lilies to your location to create a beautiful bunch.

While lilies definitely augment the look of a multi-floral wedding bouquet, these blooms also look great when used individually. Although they give slightly non-traditional vibes, they still go absolutely well with the classic bridal outfits.

So, if you are convinced about using this gorgeous flower in your wedding bouquet, here are some brilliant ideas that you can consider.

  1. Green and White: A bouquet of all white calla lilies surrounded by classic white roses looks simply amazing. You can add plenty of greens on all sides to add an all-new dimension to this monochromatic arrangement.
  2. Yellow Trumpets: A gorgeous yellow trumpet can enhance the charm and look of a floral bouquet. You can opt for a bouquet of dahlias, geraniums and tuberoses along with a few yellow trumpet lilies to create a stunning wedding bouquet. The colour contrast in the bouquet will be stunning.
  3. Dark Florals: If you are inclined towards slightly dark colour palettes, then you must opt for this one. Create a dark bunch by combining calla lilies with deep purple dahlias. You can even include dark red garden roses for a more composed bouquet. This slightly offbeat combination will certainly leave the audience in an awe.
  4. Black and White: Nearly black calla lilies stand exceptionally well against bright white anemones. This combination makes for a striking arrangement that will surely grab the eye.
  5. All White: One can never go wrong with a classic all white combination. So, if you are a minimalist bride, you must go for a bouquet that contains a single type of flower. Go for pure white calla lilies and just throw in some leafy greens to add the right touch of colour.
  6. Modern Additions: You can give a traditional mix of peonies a nice and subtle contrast by pairing them with pink and yellow gloriosa lilies. You can even add some garden roses for a more modern vibe.
  7. Different Lengths: You can also opt for calla lilies in varying lengths. This will make for a stunning and dynamic bouquet. Using different stem lengths in a single bouquet will help you create a beautiful cascading effect.
  8. Large Bloom: If you want to focus on lilies, go for a single lily flower set amidst a bouquet of garden roses, white billy buttons and blue thistle.
  9. All these aforementioned ideas make for some of the best wedding bouquets with lilies. You can visit your nearest flower shop to explore the different varieties of lilies available. Alternatively, you can check out the various service providers available online and even request for an online flower delivery.

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