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The Best Cakes You Can Choose For A Housewarming Party

The Best Cakes You Can Choose For A Housewarming Party

Whether your friends are moving into a rental or a home they have bought, you must take something with you for their house warming party. Typically, people choose curios or décor pieces for the home. But, this may not always be the best idea. For example, what if you pick something that they already have? Or if you don’t share their tastes and pick something that doesn’t match the rest of the decor. Did you know that the traditional house warming gift was a log of wood? With this gift, the fireplace could be lit so that warmth can spread to all coming to that house. The takeaway from this is that the perfect gift isn’t a candle stand or a photo frame but something that can be enjoyed by everyone and add to the celebrations. And, what better an option than a delicious cake!

There’s no end to the types of cakes you can choose between for a house warming party. If you don’t have the time to pick one up, you can even choose a cake and flower delivery service to do the needful for you. When choosing a cake, there are a few things to keep in mind. How many people will there be- this helps select the right sized cake. Is anyone vegetarian? Do you need to pick an eggless cake? Aside from this, it’s all about flavor. Here are some of the best cakes you can choose for a housewarming party.

Chocolate Cakes

It’s very hard to go wrong with a chocolate cake. Most people love them! A rich chocolate cake is the definition of indulgence and can be served to adults and children alike. Chocolate cakes themselves are of many different types. You have the rich truffle cakes as well as lighter cream cakes. Some are topped with ganache while others have a crumb coating of chocolate sprinkles.

Fruit cakes

If your hosts are health conscious, a fruit cake may be a better choice than chocolate cakes. Fruit cakes are available in many sizes. Some hero a single fruit like a strawberry cake or a kiwi cake while others are mixed fruit cakes. Pineapple cakes are another common favourite. These cakes look as delightful as they taste. The cakes are usually topped with whipped cream and sliced fruits that have been given a shiny luster with the help of a little gelatin.

Black forest cakes

Some consider black forest cakes to be a subset of chocolate cakes while others insist on keeping this category separate. Black forest cakes have a chocolate base and whipped cream filling between layers. This is accentuated by juicy cherries that give it a tasty twist. The cakes are topped with whipped cream and more while cherries along with shaved chocolate. Cutting into a black forest cake and seeing the layers is an appetizing experience.

Cakes are something every housewarming party host will be happy to receive. They can be cut at any point of time during a house warming celebration. They are the perfect beginning as well as a suitable dessert after dinner. This is perhaps why many online flower delivery services offer to deliver cakes as well. In many instances they also offer flower and cake combos. This gives you something to enjoy with the hosts as well as something they can enjoy looking at after the party is over. So, what cake do you think your friends will enjoy?

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