To see…A heaven in a wild flower—William Blake

The best Father's Day gift you can give your dad this Father's day is your time and company. Flowers are the next best; because they will remind him of the soft and tender day he shared with you. This is a day when your dad will be a little embarrassed about all the attention, but nevertheless proud about you. He will also be a little sentimental, as he thinks about his dad. Roses are the most popularly gifted flowers on this day; you can also choose lilies, though.

Here are some Father's Day ideas about what else to give your papa.

Garments and Accessories: T-shirts, perfumes, wallets, a nice looking pair of sports shoes, all these make great gifts for dad's day. In all probabilities your dad is past the age of being formal. Give him a cool looking T-Shirt with one of those cocky statements. Or, for that matter, anything that is cool and adds some color to his age.

If he is the formal type, you have a range of perfumes and designer wallets to choose from. You could also go for the shirts and ties that suit his age.

Dinner: If you are any good at cooking, by all means cook at home. Or else, it is never a bad idea to take a stroll with him around the corner for quiet dinner at a local restaurant. If your dad is a connoisseur of food or wine, you would know best how to please him. You could be lavish about your choice of restaurant, but the idea remains—spend your time with him. Let the old man catch up with your life.

Fathers Day Gadgets: Remember… ‘Boys and their toys!'? Well, it's in every bit true. Men like their toys, be it a vintage car or a dandy looking new electric shaver. He may not show his exuberance like a boy. But rest assured, when nobody's around and looking, he is sure to try a trick or two with his new found toy. It will make him feel a year or two younger.

Fathers Day Crafts: It is a good idea to try your hand at some creativity this Father's day. It will give you the edge that homemade cookies has over a supermarket pack. Take some time to think about what you want to make, collate the bric-a-brac you need, and get ready to flatter him out of his mind.