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Best Flower Gift Ideas to Mesmerize Her From Flower Guide!

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Are you wondering how to express your love and devotion to your wife or girlfriend in the best way possible? Well, you can never go wrong with flowers! Their gentle shapes, soft and smooth petals, and subtle fragrances make them a timeless gift that conveys your deepest feelings. And international florists make it very easy to deliver fresh and beautiful flowers to your loved one’s doorstep, even if you are miles away. So, whether it is her birthday or your anniversary, or maybe Valentine’s Day, here are some wonderful flowers that can express your warmest emotions.

Send passion with roses or tulips

A large bouquet of red, pink or lavender roses can make for a lovely gift, if you want to convey your romantic interest, love and passion. Pink and red roses or a bunch of multicoloured roses can also be a great idea. They smell amazing and look stunning. Also consider a slender bouquet of red or pink tulips, as these tall blooms declare love in style. A multicoloured bunch might also look amazing.

Express beauty and grace with lilies

Calla or Asiatic lilies look breathtaking, thanks to their shapes and large flower heads. You will find them in shades like pink, purple, yellow and white, and a multicoloured bunch will light up your beloved’s face. Lilies also look charming when paired with roses, in shades of pink or red.

Convey happiness with daisies and carnations

Both daisies and carnations are charming flowers that come in a wide array of vibrant hues, like red, pink, yellow, white and purple. So, if you are picking flowers for her, then go with deep red or blush pink carnations or daisies. You can go for a mixed arrangement of these two as well. They convey happiness, pride, admiration and love.

Mix colours and textures

Can’t decide on any single kind of bloom to gift your partner? Why not choose a mixed arrangement of different kinds of flowers? The varied textures and colours can make for a lavish gesture! For instance, a bouquet of pink lilies, red roses and purple carnations can steal the show easily. Or you can choose an arrangement of bright sunflowers, purple orchids and orange roses. Orchids symbolise mature charm and refinement, while sunflowers are epitomes of thoughtfulness and dedication.

Sweeten your gift with chocolates and teddies

Only sending flowers might not be enough when it is a special birthday or anniversary. In such a scenario, sending combo gifts can be a wise move. A bunch of beautiful red roses and a box of gourmet chocolates can express your admiration and love like nothing else. Or you can choose a flower basket with a cute and cuddly teddy bear that will melt your girlfriend’s heart on Valentine’s Day! Mixed floral arrangements with a box of delicious cookies can also be an impressive gift. You can send flowers and cake too, as a wide variety of flavours are available these days, like caramel, cookie and cream, nougat, vanilla and berries.

Thanks to online flower shops, sending these adorable gifts is now super easy. A few clicks and safe payment will get the job done.

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