Looking To Gift Flowers To Someone With Allergies? Here is how to go about it!


Flowers have always been a great gift for special occasions, to let someone know you are thinking of them. Researches have time and again proved how flowers can actually improve someone’s mood and make them happier. But what if the recipient is allergic to flowers you gift to them? To be honest, flowers can seem like a death sentence to people with allergies. But just because someone is allergic to these mood-lifters does not mean they cannot enjoy the bliss of receiving a bouquet of beautiful flowers. There are actually a few varieties of flowers that go well with allergy sufferers too. Let us discuss the ones that cause little to no reaction when given to allergy sufferers.


The Hydrangea is not only beautiful but comes in a variety of colours and is also perfect for someone with pollen allergy. The pollen on this flower is sticky and hence stays on the flower and does not get released in the air. These make the perfect flower as the recipient is sure to marvel at the gorgeous flower available in beautiful shades of pink, blue and whites.


Who does not love receiving a bouquet of roses every now and then? And luckily, these flowers are also a popular choice for allergic people. The pollen particles in roses are too big to float in the air, and hence don’t cause sneezing.


Orchids are beautiful and tropical flowers available in beautiful shades of purple, blue and pinks. They are not only unique in their appearance but are also totally allergy friendly. They do not carry a ton of pollens and that is what makes them a safe bet to be gifted to anyone.

Asiatic Lilies

Lilies are originally not allergy friendly but they can be made that way by cutting off the stamens, i.e., the part where the pollens are. What is even better is that you can pick your friend’s favourite colour too as they are available in gorgeous reds, pinks and oranges, and even mixed colours.


This is a hardy plant that comes in a range of pretty colours that include bright blues, magenta and orange along with an abundance of green foliage. These plants work best in garden pots as they are wonderful space fillers adding to the beauty of the place at the same time.

Flowers to be avoided

Now that we know there are a variety of flowers which work well for people suffering from allergies, you should also have an idea about flowers that must be avoided. The flowers with most pollen production such as chamomile, chrysanthemums, golden rod, daisies and ordinary sunflowers should be absolutely avoided.

Now that you are aware, there is no reason why you should refrain from giving a beautiful flower bouquet to your allergy suffering loved one. Avail our flower shop delivery service and let them enjoy these beauties without worrying about their allergies flaring up!

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