Show Your Love On Grandparents' Day With Thoughtful Gifts


People all over the world have a very special place in their hearts for their grandparents. This is very natural too, as the memory of sharing an ice cream with Nana or your Granddad teaching you how to ride a cycle is priceless. Grandparents indulge you, make you feel special and support you even when everyone seems against you right? So, why not make their day special and wonderful with some thoughtful gifts? Chocolates, flowers, or a card can a go a long way to show that you care! Check out some lovely gift ideas here:

Send love and warmth with flowers

Beautiful flower bouquets made of roses, lilies, gerberas, carnations or orchids can convey your love and warm feelings in a timeless manner. Your grandparents will feel pride and joy when they receive a luscious bunch of red, pink, yellow or lavender roses. Or maybe, a mixed arrangement of Asiatic lilies, roses and carnations will make them feel loved. Sunflowers combined with purple orchids and red roses can also look charming. Consider gifting a big bouquet of roses, carnations and gerberas in pinks, creams and purples. On Grandparents’ Day, these blooms will add a whole new beauty to your grandparents’ home. Online flower delivery services make it very easy these days to send fresh and fragrant flowers to distant countries as well.

Remember to avoid certain flowers if your grandparents suffer from allergies. For instance, daisies, dahlias, asters, chrysanthemums and sunflowers can cause allergic reactions in some. If your grandparents love gardening, you can gift them a potted plant like Japanese Peace Lily.

Make a heartfelt gesture with gift baskets

Are you looking to send something which your grandparents can enjoy for a period of time? Then a gift hamper is a cool idea. Especially fruit baskets can make for the ideal gift as fruits are nutritious and vibrant too! A basket containing oranges, bananas, pears, apples and grapes can be a thoughtful gift for an ailing grandparent too.

If your grandparents don’t have any dietary restrictions, you can send them a basket of gourmet chocolates as well. It will contain sweet treats in different flavours like dark, milk, peanut butter, coconut, nougat and caramel. A savoury gift basket composed of flavoured sausages, spicy salamis, nuts, cookies, nachos and chips is also a great idea. These can be enjoyed with tea, coffee or as a quick snack. These goodies are perfect for serving for guests too when they suddenly come over.

More ideas for gifting

Besides flowers and gift baskets, cakes are also a superb idea for Grandparents’ Day, especially if you customise it with a lovely message. Customised cushions, photo frames, aromatic candles, or even coffee mugs can put a big smile on your grandparents’ faces. A beautiful card or a set of premium teas and coffees can also work very well as gifts.

To make the day more amazing for your grandparents, call them up early in the morning, decide on a future date when you can meet them and ask them how they are. The simplest things are precious for the elderly and you need to spare only a few minutes to care for them.

All set to send your grandparents flowers or chocolates? Call us and we will get your order delivered to their doorstep.

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