One of the most important facts about Mother's Day is the practice of children giving gifts to mothers. Flowers, mainly carnations, are a must for Mother's Day gifts. The topic of this page is what are the best gifts are that go with flowers.

Dinner: A well-made dinner is a perfect addition to a lovely bunch of flowers. Some people tend to prefer a home cooked dinner over a dinner at a restaurant. Gift your mother with a home cooked dinner along with a fabulous bunch of carnations or tulips (do not forget to include her favorite dish), you are sure to have won her heart.

Jewelry: Flowers and jewelry go well with each other. A gold necklace with a diamond pendant can complement a bunch of carnations very nicely. Pendants with “Mom” written on them, environmentally friendly necklaces with silver tags, and pretty white gold and yellow gold earrings make adorable Mother's Day gifts.

Apparels: Different kinds of dresses are excellent Mother's Day gifts. There are nice Mother's Day T-shirts for children with slogans like “My Mum Rocks”. There are also T-shirt sets for Mother and Child. These are ideal gifts for the mom and the child from the dad.

Chocolates: Chocolates, appropriately chosen with due attention to your mother's preferences, are good for Mother's Day too. A nice chocolate treat, especially a homemade one, is bound to be well-appreciated.

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Personal Care Items: For a stylish mom, a flamboyant bag for personal care items would make a tremendous gift. Another bright personal care gift idea would be a toiletry case with all the essential toiletry items in it.

Mother's Day cards: Another thing that can supplement flowers is a Mother's Day card. Handcrafted cards made by children can be an excellent Mother's Day gift. By folowing some simple instructions, even small children can make very beautiful Mother's Day cards.

A combination gift on Mother's Day: A combination of jewelry, T-shirt, and a card can make a lovely gift on Mother's Day. Add wine and strawberries, and the gift will be simply awesome!

Write-Ups: There are certain things that are eternally sweet. For instance, a well-written poem just for your mother is a very good idea. Such a write-up, because of the personal care and love it announces, can be a perfect complement to the nice flowers.

Arts:Moving to music, arts, and literature, one can come up with very imaginative and appropriate gifts that go with flowers. A nice CD with a collection of your mother's favorite music would be a good example. There are very famous and not-so-famous, but good paintings that celebrate mother's love. In classical, religious, and modern literature, one can find lots of instances of captivating and pithy writings about mothers and the love of mothers. A book that aims to thank a mother for all her care and concern would be undoubtedly, a nice gift on Mother's Day.

Miscellaneous Gifts: Based on your mother's age, her likes and dislikes, and based on her needs and desires, one might give gifts that are appropriate to that particular point of time in her life. As an illustration, for a mom who is a good hostess, even something like a stylish cake serving set can be a very good Mother's Day gift.