Top Flower Arrangements For Spring Weddings


Spring is a time when there’s so much life all around. A season as beautiful as this, when the weather is clear and when the earth is full of colourful, blooming flowers, is just the ideal time to tie the knot. If you too, are planning a spring wedding, you are surely in for a treat. Whatever the theme of the wedding, it can be styled in a number of fascinating ways due to the availability of all kinds of flowers and in all kinds of shades and tones.

Here are some fabulous ideas with the best seasonal elements to create the perfect floral composition for a spring wedding.

  • Create a romantic look:

    An occasion as special as a wedding demands a perfect atmosphere where you can feel a bit of romance and liveliness in the air. An exuberant floral centrepiece is probably what is needed to set the tone. Buy flowers online and plan a flower arrangement with a riot of blooms in bold colours. Red or yellow roses, orange carnations or tulips, shades of purple with lilacs and tulips are a few options that instantly add a special touch and fill the atmosphere with warm and lively vibes. Go for a tapering or a cascading composition.
  • Use lighter tones or pastel hues:

    The prettiest wayto create a wedding flower arrangement is to use a mix of pastel spring blooms. Such arrangements feature daisies, roses, hyacinths, clusters of hydrangeas, lilacs, peonies, fresh tulips and larkspur. The lighter shades of these flowers always look elegant and create a soothing feel, so apt for the occasion.
  • Go with shades of pink and white:

    Pink and white are probably the only colours that complement any kind of setting or theme. They are an absolute favourite when it comes to wedding decorations. Peonies, roses, carnations, ranunculus, daffodils, tulips, anemones and hydrangeas are pretty much available in shades of pink and white. Use them to either create a table centrepiece or multiple small bouquets to decorate the venue. Dress the bouquet with ribbons in similar shades for a touch of elegance.
  • Embrace the colours of nature:

    Spring is the season of colours. So, go ahead and pick bright flowers for the bouquet and create a tiered or a cascading composition. Dahlias, hellebores, lilies, lavender, hydrangeas, roses, hyacinths, daffodils, crocus, mimosa – there’s endless variety of spring flowers which can be used to create colourful bouquets. Experiment with yellow, orange, gold, blue, purple, pink and white. Just pay attention to the height, shapes, sizes and the fall of the flowers and the greens.
  • Set up a dreamy floral backdrop:

    Now, this is something which is perfect for the big day and because your wedding falls in the spring season, you are at an advantage, both in terms of the array of flowers and also the cost. Online flower shops have most of the varieties. Go with peonies – the most loved flowers of the season. Garden roses, orchids, freesias, hydrangeas also work for backdrop settings. Fit the arrangement with foliage and wild flowers to add volume.

When it comes to floral arrangements, spring gives you endless opportunities to experiment with flowers. The sheer variety of blooms available during this season leaves you spoilt for choice. Make the most of the season’s natural beauty and go for a stunning flower decoration that is bound to leave your guests awestruck.

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