Best Ways To Use Carnations For Wedding Decor

Best Ways To Use Carnations For Wedding Decor

Carnations are extraordinarily beautiful. They are among some of the most fascinating and sophisticated flowers out there. No wonder, carnations are as much a part of decorations as they are part of bouquets and floral arrangements. When it comes to wedding décor, you cannot do without these beautiful blossoms. There are various ways in which carnations can be used for wedding décor. So, before you start to buy flowers online and order volumes of carnations in particular, here are some effective ways in which you can put these blossoms to use.

Deck up a Passage by Suspending Carnations from the Ceiling

The first and the most basic way in which you can use carnations are by putting them all over the wedding venue. But of course, you have to do it strategically. The flowers are quite welcoming and elegant just to look at it. Decking up the passages or the narrow entry to a wedding hall is often a challenge, which can be handled well by hanging the carnations from the ceiling. With a bit of deftness, you can create a unique décor element that grabs eye-balls. Placing light and dark shades in a gradient will create a beautiful contrast and lead to an ombré effect for more pizzazz.

Arrange Varying Shades and Place on Corner Tables

Carnations are one of the very few flowers that are found in a great variety of colours like orange, red, pink, white, purple and more. What is even more appealing is that the flowers also come in varying shades of the same colour like violet which is a darker shade of purple and mauve which is a much lighter colour and so on. If you are able to get hold of such flowers to create a vibrant monotone, do not waste time and cut them in different lengths to create amazing arrangements. Place these floral arrangements on corner tables in rustic wooden boxes or vintage glass vases.

Create a Flower Wall with Carnations

In any wedding venue, there is always a part of the hall that is dedicated to the actual wedding ceremony. This place has to be the most embellished and attention-grabbing section of the entire space. Hang strings of carnations in different colours across the section to create the feel of a floral curtain. Your very own corner for a gorgeous photo booth at the wedding is right here. These flowers essentially provide you with an easy way of creating a flower wall that is stunning and unique. In the very same way, these flowers can be used to decorate the bride’s and the groom’s chairs too. Even a single flower wrapped in ribbon or a piece of glittering cloth can do the needful because as it is, carnations come with excellent volume of their own.

Place Carnations in a Vintage Jar for Added Elegance

Carnations are so beautiful that they look outstanding practically wherever you place them. However, in order to enhance the appeal of the flowers, it pays to be extra careful and place them in theme appropriate holders. The painted bell jars are perfect in this regard. It is advisable not to put the carnations in too large a vase because that will hinder the beauty of the flowers.

If you are ordering online flowers, just make sure to choose a reputed provider in order to get the freshest possible blossoms.

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