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Birth Month Flowers and their Meanings From Flower Guide!


Just like precious birthstones that are associated with people's birth months, there are birth flowers representing all twelve months in a year. Each of these birth flowers has a special meaning and significance. They can be of different colours, shapes and sizes, each more beautiful than the other! Knowing about birth flowers can especially be helpful when you have to send birthday flowers to someone. Imagine how special he or she will feel when they see that you cherish them enough to carefully choose their birth flowers for the occasion!

So, take a look at the different birth flowers assigned to each month. Remember to include these in the flowers you send for loved ones’ birthdays.

January - Carnation

These beautiful blooms are a symbol of admiration, devotion, gratitude, and divine love. This flower is rightfully assigned to this month as it is one of the very few flowers to bloom in winter.

February - Violet

Who doesn’t like a bouquet of these beautiful three petal flowers? Often used for twenty-fifth wedding anniversary celebrations too, these beauties stand for loyalty, modesty, and virtue.

March - Daffodils

Daffodils stand for rebirth and spring and are ideal flowers for not just for those who celebrate their birthdays in March but also for those celebrating their tenth year of marriage.

April - Daisy

Symbolising loyalty in love, purity, and innocence, a bouquet of daisies makes for a wonderful gift for someone who celebrates their birthday in April.

May - Lily

When it comes to expressing feelings like majesty, honour, and humility, there is nothing but a bouquet of lilies that can do the job. A floral arrangement with lily of the valley is an unmatched sight and gift.

June - Rose

While it is common to mistake this flower as the birth flower for February owing to Valentine’s Day, the rose actually is the birth flower for those born in June. Available in myriad colours at online flower shops, each of them conveys different feelings of love, friendship, purity, humility and a lot more.

July - Water Lily

Fittingly known as ‘Queen of the Water’, these flowers symbolise life, love, and enlightenment. You can pick up a majestic bouquet of water lilies and send it to your loved one through international flower delivery if the recipient is miles away from you.

August - Gladiolus

Gladiolus is one of the few flowers which have such delightful and dramatic colours and effect. They stand for generosity and moral integrity.

September -Aster

These evergreen blooming flowers are a sight to behold and represent faith, courage, love, and wisdom. You can send a refreshing bouquet of these blooms to someone whose birth month is September.

October - Marigold

These orange and golden beauties stand for determination, creativity, and joy. They are also known to represent warmth.

November - Chrysanthemum

Like roses, these flowers too are available in different colours, each of them standing for different emotions like friendship, happiness, and abundance. These flowers are beautiful and even one of these is sufficient to cheer up anyone.

December - Holly

December is the month of merriment and joy, and this is exactly what a holly represents. Synonymous with the Christmas spirit, holly, the birth flower for December also symbolises fortune and fertility.

So, gifting flowers on birthdays just got super easy! You now know what blooms to send across depending on the recipient’s birth month. Plus, birth flowers are always available fresh as they are in season.

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