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  • The Best Kind Of Birthday Plants You Can Gift To A Friend

The Best Kind Of Birthday Plants You Can Gift To A Friend

The Best Kind Of Birthday Plants You Can Gift To A Friend

Who doesn’t like the presence of good friends in their life? There is no denying that good friends are priceless. Our family has been gifted to us by God but our friend’s our chosen by us. And, they play a huge role in our lives – right from being there in the time of need or celebrating milestones in life to being there to listen to everything that we have to say. Friends are important at every stage of life – right from childhood to old-age. Since they are such an important part of our life, it is only right to delight them every now and then with meaningful gifts. If you have been thinking of gifting something meaningful to your friend who has stood by you at all times, then we suggest that you give them flowers or better still plants.

  • Did you know that plants are a much better gift than just a bouquet of flowers? Yes, that is because flowers wither away after some time, but plants are there to stay. If taken care of well, they can even last years and remind your friend of the beautiful friendship between the two of you every time they look at the plant.
  • You could also place an order for birthday flowers online but the charm of living green plants is always more than plain flowers. If you want to get the best of both worlds, why not gift a bouquet and a plant of the same flower too? Your friend will be delighted to receive both.
  • If your friend lives in a cold climate, we suggest you gift him or her Amaryllis. This plant thrives in cold weather and will flourish indoors. It blossoms in minimum time too, so now you can gift your friend this beautiful plant that can occupy the pride of place indoors too.
  • Another very popular plant for gifting is orchids. They require watering only once a week and are a minimal maintenance plant. The graceful orchids come in beautiful colors and will look amazing on the window sill or the terrace of your friend’s house.
  • Who can forget the ethereal roses? These are another favorite when it comes to gifting plants and are loved universally. Choose from the various colors available – red, yellow, magenta, pink, or white - and delight your friend with this evergreen plant.
  • Does your friend like fresh herbs in their food? Then herbs would be the perfect plant gift for them. You can choose from a plethora of fresh herb plants available – from parsley to oregano, basil, thyme, cilantro, mint or others. They will not only decorate the kitchen window sill of your friend but will also remind them of you every time they add the fresh herbs to their dishes.
  • Bamboo is also a popular plant gift. Considered to bring luck, peace and love to homes, these are quite a popular gift for homes these days. You could send across a bamboo plant in a beautiful glass jar.

We are sure you are now convinced of gifting a green plant to your friend. Now we will also let you in on a little secret – of how to order and get the plants delivered without even stepping out of your home. Well, place your order with any leading gift delivery website available in the region and get your plants delivered to any part of the country on any day. What are you waiting for then? Place your order now.

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