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Types Of Cakes And Chocolates You Can Gift On Christmas

Types Of Cakes And Chocolates You Can Gift On Christmas

Cakes and chocolates take the centre stage at any celebration, be it a birthday, an anniversary or even Christmas. Special occasions deserve special celebrations and these sweet concoctions are a must, especially when it is Christmas.

But while they take the cake at any celebration, they also make for great gifts. Christmas is a time of giving, where people come together to celebrate as friends and family. If you are planning on attending one, two or many Christmas parties this year, these gift ideas will surely help you.

A Rum Cake

A traditional rum cake will always be a hit at any Christmas party. A good rum cake should be full of dried fruits soaked in rum. If you love baking, you can start a few days in advance to try and get as much rum in the dry fruits as you possibly can. Otherwise, a good store-bought plum cake should be just as fine as a Christmas gift.

Pull-apart Cake

This type of ‘cake’ is made up of many cupcakes. The cupcakes are arranged together and frosted in a way that makes the whole thinglook like one cake. You can order a Christmas tree pull-apart cake so that everyone can get in on the celebrations. Christmas flower gifts are great, but an edible Christmas tree? Now that’s something else!

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are a great way to begin or end any party. If you are heading to someone else’s Christmas party and are at a loss on what gift to get for the host, chocolate truffles will never let you down. They come in many shapes and flavours, so you can pick one of many, depending on the strength of the party you are attending. Get a festive Christmas-themed box to wrap the truffles as the perfect gift they are.

Peppermint Truffles

Christmas is the time of hot chocolate and everythingpeppermint. So, go the extra mile and look for delicious peppermint truffles in your city. These days, many home bakers make customised truffles, cakes and even cupcakes,to give you your dream cakes. Peppermint truffles can also serve as a great after-dinner palate cleanser.

All Spice Cake

All spice is a flavour usually enjoyed only around the holidays because it is a unique flavour and the festive mood makes for a great time to savour its varied joys. An all spice cake is very indicative of the holidays and makes for a great Christmas gift. You can gift the cake to friends and family if you are not joining them for the celebrations, or take one as a present for your host. The cake can be served with delicious ice-cream, so if you are hosting a Christmas dinner at your home, you know what to stock in your fridge.

This Christmas, don’t just send Christmas flowers, send Christmas cakes and chocolates. Flowers are beautiful but an edible gift is just irresistible. The holidays are associated with many particular flavours, and these ones are just some of them. This holiday season, make sure your sweet treats brighten up someone’s day or even week! 


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