Types Of Carnations And Their Meanings

Types Of Carnations And Their Meanings

The gorgeous carnation flower is a favorite for all occasions. This is one of the reasons why people send carnations for special occasion. Whether you are hosting a party or want to gift someone a floral bouquet, adding carnations to it can elevate the look of your house or make the gift look just perfect. Carnations are delicate flowers, with a very distinct ruffled pattern on the outside of each petal. Available in different colors, the carnation is a flower that works for every occasion. If you are looking to use carnations in décor or gift it to someone, you need to know what each color means.

Red carnations:

Red is the universal color of love, no matter what flower it is. Even in the carnation family, red signifies deep love and affection. Red carnations are the right choice to give to someone special in your life, especially your significant other. This delicate flower can be used to create a bouquet on its own, or you can combine it with red roses. Send carnation bouquet to make the special occasion even more special.

White carnations:

White is a color that has always been associated with peace, innocence, and faith. Similarly, the white carnation represents innocence. They are also a symbol of good luck, so they make a great present for someone starting something new in life. If you are looking for a flower to send your condolences on someone’s loss, the white carnation is the flower to use. You can even use online flower delivery to have flower delivery to your loved ones instantly.

Purple carnations:

The purple carnation is more of a curveball as compared to other carnations. There is no clear significance associated with the purple carnation. However, it can be used on multiple occasions, especially when combined with other colored carnations or even other flowers. Purple carnations can also present a unique gifting idea for a friend, family member or closed one. Surprise your dear ones with special carnation delivery to put an instant smile on their face.

Yellow carnations:

Yellow carnations actually signify negative emotions like rejection and disappointment. However, in recent days, yellow carnations have been used in floral arrangements and even in festive décor. It might be wise to combine yellow carnations with other flowers or even other colors of the carnation flowers to make a floral arrangement or centerpiece. Yellow carnations can also be used to congratulate someone on an achievement.

Shaded carnations:

Shaded carnations are more and more prevalent in today’s market. It is hard to not see these stunning flowers in your local florist’s shop. Shaded carnations can add a lot of style and elegance to anything you choose to decorate with it. These flowers can be great additions to a floral arrangement or even table centerpieces.

Carnations are truly lovely flowers that can enhance the look of any place. These elegant, decorative flowers are multipurpose and come in a host of colors. This is why the carnation is an incredibly popular flower in the market, whether it is for individuals or event decorators. Next time you are at the florist, make sure to pause and take in the incredible beauty of carnations. You will not want to get any other flower apart from carnation in your home, because their beauty is incomparable.

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