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Reasons To Choose Carnations For Him On Valentine's Day

Reasons To Choose Carnations For Him On Valentine's Day

Did you know that the original color of carnations was purple-pink and that it was humans who created newer colors of carnations? Today, we can find carnations in assorted colors such as red, yellow, orange, white, and green. Each color of carnation has a special meaning attached to it. For example, red carnations mean true love while white carnations mean purity. In many parts of the world, carnations are also considered “flower of Gods” and thus are quite popular. They are also a popularly gifted flower, whether it is for birthdays, get-well-soon bouquets, and congratulatory bouquet or even for Valentine’s Day. With Valentine’s Day knocking on the doors, why not gift your loved one a bouquet of carnations for a change? Let us take a look at a few reasons why carnations might be the perfect flowers to gift to your loved one this Valentine’s day.

  • Want to move away from the extremely common roses this season? Then why not gift carnations? Get a Valentine’s Day bouquet for him made of carnations and assert your individuality.

  • As mentioned before, carnations are called flower of the Gods and were commonly used in Greek ceremonial crowns. Thus their name carnation which originates from the term “coronation”. Gifting carnations to your husband or boyfriend as valentine’s flowers would therefore, be great.

  • Did you know that the color of carnations can be changed? Yes, just add a few drops of food coloring in a glass of water and dip a white carnation in the water. Voila! You now have a carnation in a color of your choice. Would it not be fun to gift a bouquet of white carnations to your husband or boyfriend and change them into assorted colors on Valentine’s Day?

  • Another very popular reason for gifting carnations on Valentine’s Day is their long life even in vases. These flowers have the ability to remain fresh for up to 14 days in a vase. Beat that!

  • If you have got convinced of gifting carnations this Valentine’s Day, then we suggest that you gift them in vases. This will allow them to remain fresh for long.

Convinced that you will gift carnations to your loved one this valentine’s but your neighborhood florist does not stock up on fresh carnations? Worry not and take the help of leading flower delivery websites. You can get flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day without even stepping out of your house now. Just visit the trusted and leading flower delivery websites and choose from their huge range of carnation bouquets. You can choose to send carnations in a single color or in a combination of colors. These websites have carnation flowers in all budgets, so whether you want to gift a small arrangement or carnations or go all out; you will have plenty of options with these leading websites. You can also combine other gift items with your carnations. Choose from chocolates, cakes, wines, soft toys, etc and send a gift combo to your loved one.

If you are someone who is ordering flowers or gifts for the first time through an online delivery service, then you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of ordering. All you need to do is browse through their carnation offerings, and choose the one you like. Then you can place your order by making the payment. Most leading websites accept multiple modes of payment and have a secure payment gateway too. Once the payment is made, you can specify the address for delivery and even include a personalized message.

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