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Get Holiday Ready With These Floral Centrepieces


The holidays are the most special time of the year, a time when we enjoy moments of fun and cheer with our loved ones, a time when all that we find around is sheer happiness, smiles and delight. It’s no surprise that we all wait eagerly for this time of the year and make our homes festive to usher in the happy spirits of the holiday season. One thing that works really well to brighten up the interiors is a beautiful flower arrangement a small world of colour and fragrance that delights everyone who gets to see it.

Flowers and foliage when arranged creatively don’t just bring natural beauty inside, but they add lots of warmth as well. Floral centrepieces, placed on the coffee table, the dining table or the side table, well take care of the design and style of the any home décor and complete the entire look. Here are some ideas for holiday decorating with flowers and greensto brighten up your home.

Red is the colour of the season:

A new and modern floral design can be created with traditional red colours. Red roses, red daisies, red carnations and red mums can be used innovatively to create a striking arrangement. Red is a versatile colour and with a touch of white or green, it shows more liveliness. Take a few bunches of rose stalks or a gentle mix of red flowers, place them in a circular broad vase. If the vase in transparent, you can line it with some greens. Make sure to gather enough flowers to densely fill up the container. You may need to trim the stalks in various sizes to create more dimension. You can also let the flowers hang loosely over the edge to make it look more natural. If you are using red dahlias, take a tall vase.

Create a vintage feel:

For a vintage look, the selection of flowers is as important as their placement. Go through the collection of flowers online and with international flower delivery facilities, place orders for the ones of your choice. Either go for a single flower in lighter tones or for an assorted mix in pastel shades. Roses, dahlias, snowberries, peonies, poppy, hydrangea, carnations and anemones are some flowers that work well in creating table centrepieces. Use a copper vase, an antique palette or a white pitcher and arrange your flowers loosely and at varying heights. Don’t forget the greens! Let them hang gently for a cascading look and feel.

An English-garden flower arrangement:

English style arrangements comprise of a mass of colourful blooms arranged together in different shapes. You can also choose a crescent-shaped container and arrange the flowers and greens in asymmetrical pattern using a wire mesh. The whole idea is to give a feel of how flowers grow in nature. A typical English floral arrangement uses dahlias, gladiolus, bupleurumand aster. Some designs take a dome shape, while others are elongated and spread out with long shapely stems. Interesting grasses can be added to give a boost.

The famous florist Michael Putnamrightly put it, saying -"There really are no rules! That’s the whole fun of flowers". With your creativity and innovation, you can actually create wonders with flowers as table centrepieces. international flower delivery options have made it very convenient to get any flowers at your doorstep. So, go ahead, experiment freely and create magic this holiday season!

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