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Impressive Flower Arrangement Ideas For Chinese New Year


Floral designs are the centre of all kinds of events - weddings, birthdays, festivals, dinner parties or new year celebrations. Blooming flowers are believed to bring happiness and good luck. Floral arrangements in colourful hues have a magical touch that instantly transform a dull and laid-back atmosphere to a vibrant space. Whatever the occasion, flowers are recognised as an essential element for décor and styling.

With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, people especially use flowers as a symbol of wealth and prosperity to decorate their homes. Here are a few floral compositions that will complete the look of your home and will make your celebrations livelier.

Go for a red and gold combination:

In Chinese culture, red signifies joy, peace and sincerity, while gold signifies prosperity. They are the main colours of the new year season. The beloved blooms that can be used for flower arrangements to match the festive spirit include anthuriums, birds of paradise, chrysanthemums, daisies, marigold and amaryllis. Use a combination of these flowers to make a stunning table centrepiece. Check the online florist shops and order flowers online or get them from the local florist. Its quite likely that you will easily get these flowers during this time of the year.

Use the Kalanchoe plant:

Kalanchoes are also an excellent choice when it comes to Chinese New Year decorations. They have a special place in Chinese culture and are believed to usher in wealth and prosperity. Their exotic beauty can lighten up any space. Place the stems of the plant in pretty vases or rustic cans to adorn your centre table or dining table. With online flower delivery options, you can get the flowers delivered to your doorstep and complete the look.

Create a bouquet with orchids:

A cascading bouquet of orchids arranged in a boat shaped container easily takes care of your new year décor. The pretty flowers come in different colours. You can choose the one that goes best with your home interiors or combine two or more colours to create a perfect contrast. This kind of arrangement certainly has a more natural appeal and perfectly complements the season.

Choose bright colours:

The Chinese New Year symbolises the beginning of the spring season. One of the best ways to celebrate this shift is to bring the vibrant colours of the season indoors. Spring is the flowering season and there is a vast variety of blooms in vivid colours available during this time. Check the online flower shops and you are likely be feel amazed by the sheer variety of flowers. Mix and match to create a huge table centrepiece that will be the centre of attraction for all your guests. Red peonies, peach blossoms, cockscomb, Guzmanialingulate and phalaenopsis are some good options to choose from. you can coordinate them with other seasonal flowers or sticks of pussy willow. Most of them symbolic to the new year celebrations.

Flower arrangements are not just about arranging the flowers. Rather, they are more about collecting the right flowers as per the occasion, placing them in an aesthetic way, paying attention to the shape and size of the flowers you are using and then finally combining them with other essentials like the greens or twigs or accessories. With these tips and your imagination, create a stunning floral centrepiece for this year’s New Year celebration.

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