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  • Tips To Choose Sympathy Flowers Based On Their Meaning

Tips To Choose Sympathy Flowers Based On Their Meaning

Tips To Choose Sympathy Flowers Based On Their Meaning

There are times when a person you love and care about is going through a crisis or has undergone an immense loss. In such situations, it is difficult to find words to express how deeply impacted you are and how you wish to be beside the person with all your sympathies. However, flowers can do what words cannot. Be it a funeral, a personal visit or a sympathy token from far away, flowers can be extremely communicative and vocal. Before you send sympathy flowers to someone, you must understand a few things and keep them in mind to be able to choose the best.

Types of Flower Arrangement to Prefer

If you are about to attend a funeral, the first thing to consider should be the type of flower arrangement. Caskets and wreaths are usually brought by the immediate family members of the deceased. If you are not a part of the family but are a friend, colleague or just an acquaintance, you should ideally get hanging baskets, standing sprays or bouquets in vases. They look simple and yet meaningful and are also easy to carry and transport.
  • Mixed Flowers are for All:
    Sometimes, people choose funeral or sympathy flowers based on the gender of the deceased person. For instance, they bring flowers in soft and pastel shades for women and the darker coloured flowers for men. However, such discriminatory choices are absolutely unnecessary and avoidable. You can choose funeral flowers that you think will communicate your earnest sympathies in the best possible way. Mixed flowers and arrangements can be ideal and safe in this regard.

  • Lilies, White Roses and Carnations Continue to be the Ideal Sympathy Flowers:
  • Lilies are the most popular funeral flowers. The white stargazer lily, especially symbolizes sympathy with its pure whiteness. Lilies are also the ideal flowers for not just funerals but sad occasions in general. When you carry these flowers to someone you sympathize with, you also communicate a message that you want the other person to be at peace and stay positive in the most difficult of times. At funerals, lilies represent innocence and purity, thereby, leaving behind a beautiful message for the family of the deceased.

    Roses are great for expressing your sympathy mainly because they are among the most popular and easily recognizable flowers. A white rose is a symbol of youthfulness and humility and it can work magically in gradually tucking away the gloom that is overwhelming in any sad occasion.

    Carnations are yet another preferred choice as sympathy flowers and they are rightfully so. These beautiful blossoms with their sweet fragrances represent pure love and remembrance. Now, what could be a more apt message to send to the family of the dearly departed? Carnations also last long and will continue to spread positivity and peace long after the funeral is over.

    If you are unable to be with someone in person, you can also get the sympathy flowers delivered by a well-known flower delivery company.

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