Chris Beardshaw of UK is one of the leading lights in the world of gardening. He is a television presenter, gardener, designer, author and lecturer and an ambassador breathing new life into the garden industry. He has a unique blend of skills and qualifications which embrace planting, garden design and landscape architecture.

Chris recieved a coveted award in the world’s largest annual flower show.

Chris Beardshaw started his gardening hobby at the age of four. He is committed to research and with a deep hunger for knowledge. He qualified first as a horticulturalist and then as a landscape architect. Later he was lecturing and running his own business by the time the broadcasters came knocking on his door.

Chris runs a private design and consultancy practice, undertaking projects from small private gardens right up to public reclamation schemes.

  • Chris Beardshaw picked up the coveted Tudor Rose Award for Best Show Garden.
  • His TV debut was in 1999 on Surprise Gardeners.
  • He then moved over to the BBC with Real Rakeover, again as the expert contributor.
  • In 2000 he co-presented Gardening Neighbours for BBC2 and was offered a guest position on Gardeners' World where he quickly established himself as an integral member of the team.
  • With his fan-base growing as rapidly as his plants, he was offered his own series The Flying Gardener, in which he looked at how a knowledge of surrounding local conditions and climate can help the gardener to select and cultivate plants for their own domestic setting. Highly popular, he went on to record three more series.
  • He also presented two series of the garden history programme, Hidden Gardens, in which British gardens from the past were restored to their former glory.
  • His Channel 4 debut came in 2005 when he co-presented The Great Garden Challenge. The series, shown three times a week in the afternoons, was broadcast live from the grounds of Blenheim Palace and pitted amateur and professional designers against each other to see who could create and build the best show garden.
  • Chris joined the Radio 4 celebrated Gardeners’ Question Time team and is a regular contributor to their shows.
  • Chris is a regular and popular contributor at The Sandringham Flower Show where he lectures and judges the show gardens and he has also agreed to become an ambassador for the prestigious Shrewsbury Flower Show which is held in August - where again he is judging the show gardens.

Chris also writes a weekly column for the Daily Mail and monthly articles for Period House. His literary skills have also been employed by The Garden Writers Guild as a judge for the award’s in 2005 and 2006.

Some of the books of Chris Beardshaw co-authored with few gardening experts.

  • How Does Your Garden Grow?: Understand Your Plants and Get the Best Out of Your Garden - Chris Beardshaw: Here, Chris will explain how understanding the way nature works will make you a better and more confident gardener.
  • Gardening Neighbours - Ali Ward, Chris Beardshaw, and Phil McCann
  • Hidden Gardens - Chris Beardshaw and Penny David
  • More Hidden Gardens - Chris Beardshaw and Penny David
  • The Natural Gardener - Chris Beardshaw: Here, Chris shows readers how to develop gardens that are in tune with nature, where plants will flourish with minimum effort.
  • Natural Gardener Lessons From the Landscape - Chris Beardshaw

Chris Beardshaw BBC Biography describes him as the 'James Bond' of the gardening world, but there is a lot more to Chris Beardshaw than his 'Flying Gardener' image. You don't have to be in his company long to realise that here is a man driven by his passion for plants with an enthusiasm which is infectious and an earnest desire to provide opportunities to bring people and plants together.