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Crafting Christmas memories with flowers- Family Guide

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The Christmas season is a wonderful time to not only bring family together, but to have tons of fun as well! Whether you are living in a winter wonderland or a warmer climate there are always activities that you can do. The memories that you create in your family during Christmas time will stay with you forever. Kids and parents alike will rejoice every year looking forward to this holiday and all of the fun traditions that it entails. Take a look below at all of the wonderful activities that we have provided. Whether you are looking to cook up a masterpiece in the kitchen, create a beautiful gift or decoration, or simply enjoying the beautiful (and fun) outdoors there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Celebrating Christmas in the Kitchen

The kitchen is thought of as the heart of a house. So much love, fun, and conversation takes place in this area. Utilize this portion of your house to make some long lasting memories. There are so many options for what you can do in the kitchen; everything from making classic eggnog to baking a special gift for someone. One of the best things about Christmas is that there is always a reason to whip up a batch of hot cocoa and cookies. You can make these treats for your family or give them away as gifts. In the kitchen there are limitless possibilities for fun! Take a look below to see some of the ideas for kitchen fun that we have gathered together.

Celebrating Christmas with Kids

Whether you have kids of your own or will be celebrating with your extended family there are sure to be plenty of children around for the holiday fun. Kids look forward to Christmas all year long; not simply to see those presents from Santa under the tree, but to enjoy all of the fun family festivities. Kids can enjoy all kinds of activities like baking cookies, writing letters to Santa, and making Christmas crafts. Some of the best Christmas crafts that kids enjoy are making macaroni ornaments and Santa Clause Popsicles. Browse below to find links to a variety of kid activities that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Celebrating Christmas in the Craft room

Don’t think that you have to hit up the department stores to find all of your holiday gifts and home décor. There are so many fun and interesting crafts that you can make right in your own house. If you are looking for some Christmas themed wall décor try your hand at making a beautiful pinecone wreath. A wreath is one of the many symbols of the Christmas season and welcomes all who come into your home. There are also endless options for creating homemade ornaments. You can hang ornaments on a mantel, wreath, and of course the Christmas tree. Getting your family together and making homemade ornaments and even light bulb decorations is a great way to spend some quality and fun time together. Creating thoughtful homemade gifts to give during the Christmas season is a great way to spend the holidays. Nothing will make grandma smile more than getting a homemade picture frame filled with your favorite family pictures.

Celebrating Christmas Outside

You can’t forget about all of the fun family activities that take place outside during the Christmas season! Join in a snowball fight or build a snow fort. Activities like these are ones that will last a lifetime. Take advantage of your local tree farms and even go out and cut down your own Christmas tree. Nothing says, “Welcome Santa!” like a fresh cut tree hung with your favorite homemade ornaments. Creating these fun family memories is not only engaging but also budget friendly. Lastly, be sure to take a drive around your town to look at the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. Make it a contest in your family to see who can count the most lights. Below you will find many more suggestions for outdoor family fun. Now that you have plenty ideas for creating family memories it’s up to you to start the fun!

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