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Christmas Party Decor Ideas With Mixed Bouquets

Christmas Party Décor  Ideas With Mixed Bouquets

Come Christmas, and it is time to decorate the entire house! There are so many ways to adorn the place that it becomes difficult to pick one that you like. And then, there is always the question of whether the materials you want are available near you or not. So allow us to put your mind at ease with these easy Christmas party-décor ideas.

The All-Red Bouquet

This combination of red and green will definitely impress all your guests. Bring together deep red roses, red berries still on branches, a few pinecones, and some greenery to create a gorgeous centrepiece or décor. This combination is truly exemplary and will make your home look elegant and stylish.

The All-White Look

If you want to go neutral, an all-white colour palette is a great idea. This bouquet of flowers will complement any home, or apartment, with any colour scheme. Grab white carnations, white roses, and tulips. Add some green foliage into the mix and you will have a beautiful white bouquet ready within minutes. You can add more flowers to make a horizontal centrepiece for the table as well.

Posing Pretty in Pink

For those who want something brighter in their floral décor for Christmas, this bouquet of mixed flowers will do the trick. For this one, we combine flowers in shades of red and pink to create a multi-shaded bouquet. You can add red and pink Dutch roses, red carnations, poppies, and a few white roses just to mix up the arrangement. You can also add white orchids if you really want to give it an exotic look.

When You Make the Simple Elegant

Poinsettias are the perfect Christmas flora. Adding them to your home décor for the festive season will really bring Christmas home. You can simply place the plants in decorative pots and place them at the centre of the table. If you don’t want to use them as table centrepieces, then you can place them around the house, such as in the living room or the dining area so as to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Woody and Green

A classic décor idea for Christmas is to use the earthy colour palette of greens and browns to create a wonderful décor piece. You can use a combination of green leaves on stems, stems from Christmas tree plants (such as Douglas firs,Balsam firs, and Scotch pines)and acorns to create a unique bouquet. Another great idea is to use the Christmas tree branches to create a mini Christmas tree to place in your home.

The Quintessential Christmas Wreath

If you don’t want a bouquet of mixed flowers for your décor, you can always opt for a Christmas wreath. A Christmas wreath is traditionally hung on the main door of the house to create a welcoming atmosphere and to indicate that everyone is welcome into the home this holiday season. Wreaths are usually a combination of flowers, greenery and some bits of browns set in a circle of twigs, creating a natural look that is also aesthetically sensational.

So, now that you have a list of easy-to-assemble floral arrangements and mixed bouquets, how are you going to decorate your home this Christmas?

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