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Beautiful Chrysanthemum Arrangement Ideas You Need To Know Now!


Chrysanthemums, popularly known as mums, are big and bold flowers that make the autumn season all the more beautiful! Available in glorious hues of red, yellow, purple, and pink, these flowers are perfect for gifting to someone special, or you can use them in various arrangements to add a hint of elegance and life to your home. A thoughtful arrangement of these lovely autumn flowers can make any dinner party extra special, make everyday ambiance happy, and reduce stress. As they come in warm colours, you won’t feel the winter blues as the days go by. So, get ready to explore various ideas on how you can arrange mums with other flowers to achieve different exciting combinations:

Contrasts are Always Stunning

By combining white spider mums with deep red roses, you can create a striking and contrasting arrangement. Add a few fern leaves for a green touch. Or a bunch of deep pink mums paired with yellow daisies or white hydrangeas can also look very impressive.

Go For Jewel and Bright Tones

If you wish to create a majestic or bold bouquet, pair purple mums with magenta carnations and green button pom mums. The arrangement will have the right quantities of contrast, and variety in sizes and textures. You can also experiment with spray mums as they feature multiple flowers on a single stem. Put together purple, pink, orange and yellow spray mums for a vibrant arrangement. Purple and Kermit chrysanthemums combined with orange or salmon pink roses can also look wonderful.

Think Outside The Box

Looking to create a unique arrangement with mums? Take a longish wooden box or a recycled crate and arrange spider mums with succulents and protea for a desert-like theme. Use succulents of different sizes and textures for an interesting look. Another exclusive arrangement can be achieved with blue hydrangeas, white spider mums, blue irises and green Kermit mums. Add some lemon leaves for an exotic look.

Sunny Warmth

Autumn is the time of the year when you long for the sun, knowing that cold winter days are not far off. So, creating a bright sunny arrangement makes sense, to make your home cheerful or to add some pizzazz to a house party. For this, pair up some bright yellow mums with yellow roses and yellow pompon cushion mums for a glorious look. Pairing green Kermit mums with bold sunflowers is also a great idea.

Soothing Pastels

Chrysanthemums can also make for peaceful and calm pastel arrangements. For instance, white Chinese football mums, pale pink and orange roses, white hydrangeas and white orchids can make for a very stunning centrepiece on special occasions. They can add a soothing charm to any room and spark interesting lunch conversations. Cream-hued roses can also be paired with white mums and white orchids for a simple yet elegant arrangement.

So, now that you are aware of so many inspiring chrysanthemum arrangements, order one you like online from any leading flower shop. Make sure you enhance the arrangement with aromatic candles, incense or small China showpieces for a glamorous decor theme. Use crystal, brass or porcelain vases to showcase the arrangements.

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