Ciscoe Morris is Western Washington's best-known gardener. Ciscoe is a native of Wisconsin (Wauwatosa). His gardening career began when he was 10 years old and got a job as the lawnboy for his local church. He visited Seattle in the early 70's, and stayed there.

Ciscoe is well known in the media. His distinctive humorous style amuses audiences of his 'Gardening with Ciscoe' TV program and his radio call in show. Ciscoe is a popular local speaker and also makes regular local appearances on the 'Gardening by the Yard' show on the Home and Garden cable network. In addition, he regularly leads garden tours to countries all over the world.

Ciscoe Morris is seen on his weekly radio show, on numerous television appearances, and in his column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Ciscoe is a King County Master Gardener and a certified arborist and he's serious about protecting Puget Sound from poisons. The herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that we put on our lawns to make them more attractive are washed into storm drains which in turn are dumped untreated right into Puget Sound. When synthetic fertilizer hits the Sound, it fertilizes algae which cause the algae to grow or “bloom” thereby robbing the water of oxygen and harming fish and other organisms. Scientists have made predictions that the Sound's Coho salmon could be extinct in 60 years because of stormwater pollution. A large portion of the poisons in Puget Sound are from individual homeowners treating their lawns and gardens. The bright side of this is that individuals can make a difference by changing the way they garden to be Sound-friendly.

  • Served 24 years as Grounds Manager at Seattle University
  • Ciscoe is now concentrating on his radio show, TV spots and numerous garden talks.
  • Ciscoe is also a long time King County Master Gardener.
  • Ciscoe is a certified arborist and is on several advisory boards including Plant Amnesty, The Seattle School District, and South Seattle Community College.
  • Ciscoe also teaches at Seattle University, Edmonds Community College, the University of Washington, and the Center for Urban Horticulture.
  • Ciscoe has written numerous articles for various publications and is a member of the Arboretum Editorial Board.
  • Ciscoe answers questions and espouses on the virtues of brussels sprouts on his weekly radio show “Gardening with Ciscoe”.
  • Ciscoe also gives gardening tips on KING 5 TV.
  • He has published some articles along with some other Master gardeners.
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  • Jackson & Perkins - Beautiful Roses Made Easy, Northwestern Edition: by Terri Dunn & Ciscoe Morris