A small tiny ecosystem in a circular jar
A Mini Garden

Growing flowers in containers

Though it is pretty common growing in pots and placing them or designing the way you wanted. It is simply stunning growing flowers in containers that are in varied colors, shapes and sizes.Even, hanging terrariums have gained their popularity recently and they are the craze among plant folks in this century. And as far as plants go you can even plant trailing plants to create a unique look that is the epitome of beauty.

Container Gardening

Container Gardening is more popular than ever. According to a particular research conducted by Dynamic Design, the average household today has more than 4.2 planters at their home. And why not? As container Gardening is ideal for urban or rural lifestyles.

Container gardening offers more mobility and flexibility than any traditional gardening. It can provide year-round satisfaction as well as the opportunity to bring the feeling and a sense of outdoors inside into your homes.

Once thought to be the ideal alternative for apartment dwellers and people with small yards. Container gardening is today enjoyed by people and plantfolks of all ages, lifestyles and gardening abilities.

  • Choose the right container - Use containers with capacities between 15 and 120 quarts, remembering that small pots restrict the root area and dry out very quickly. Deep rooted vegetables and larger plants require deeper pots to sustain growth.
  • Choose the right soil and fertilizer - There are a variety of potting soil mixes that are specially balanced for the different types of plants that are most often used in a container garden. Since many of these are slightly acidic, it’s often helpful to add a little lime to the soil.
  • Choose the right plant and location - Properly prepared with the right container, soil, and fertilizer, the next important decision is what to plant.
  • Trailing plants- They are the best option for creating a decked up look for your window sill like string of turtles, string of tangled hearts, string of pearls, string of tears and other trailing plants in containers which thrive in low light areas and are the best option for you.
  • The final choice comes down to personal preference and the type of atmosphere you want to create. Petunias, impatiens, periwinkles and geraniums do especially well in containers and add dramatic color to any area.

    Hanging Terrariums

    Hanging Terrariums have become the most popular craze in recent times. A terrarium is basically a tiny ecosystem consisting of tiny plants that are added with the substrate, fertilizers and water that slowly create their own atmosphere. You can add snails or any tiny animal which can survive the atmosphere.

    You can also add trailing plants in containers for these hanging terrariums as some trailing plants love moisture which is abundant in hanging terrariums.These hanging terrariums as they have become pretty popular you can add your own touch up like air plants which barely need any water and are completely dependent on air and sunlight. You can make separate air plants hanging terrariums.

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