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Say Sorry To Your Girl-friend With These Perfectly Arranged Flowers

Sorry flowers

Forgot your girlfriend’s birthday or did something that upset her? Just saying sorry doesn’t quite cut it all the time and that is why you need to do something extra special to show how sorry you are. And what better way than to do it with flowers? Saying sorry through flowers shows how sincere a person is about the apology and how important the person is.

There are a number of apology flowers available that can be sent in a neatly arranged bouquet of flowers along with a note of apology. While red roses are popular choice of flowers among couples, there a number of other flowers as well that make for a great choice as apology flowers. Here are some flower suggestions for you to choose from. Make sure you remember them the next time you want to make up with your girlfriend when she is upset with you.

White Tulips

While tulips are mostly used to indicate new beginnings, the white variety of these blooms is known to symbolise peace and forgiveness. You can now choose ‘I am sorry’ flowers online as they look stunning in a bouquet with green fillers and are beautiful when presented as a single one as well. Apart from the symbolism, white tulips are elegant looking flowers that look good in any arrangement.

Blue Hyacinths

Hyacinths are widely known for representing peace and are sweet looking flowers that are apt for any occasion or purpose. The blue hyacinths represent honesty and make for great apology flowers to show your girlfriend how sincere and honest your apology is, and winning her over. Hyacinths are not very commonly used for apologizing so your different choice can also have a positive effect and may also show ample consideration.

Yellow Roses

Mostly perceived as flowers that symbolise friendship, yellow roses are also ideal flowers for saying sorry. Get a tightly packed arrangement to show how sorry you are and how much your girlfriend means to you, not just as a lover but also as a friend. You can even get a bouquet with yellow and red roses with green accents to apologise. Don’t forget to add a card expressing how sorry you are. The fragrance of the roses is also sure to make a positive effect on her mood.

Pink and white carnations

A big bouquet of pink and white carnations can also express apologetic feelings with style. They are charming flowers and look innocent and pure in their pink and white varieties. These colours also mean that you will never forget your other half.

Flowers are something everyone loves and when accompanied with an apology, makes the apology even more heartfelt. Sometimes saying sorry can be a nerve wrecking experience especially for those who can’t express themselves well with their words. Flowers and a note of apology can do wonders in such cases.

Saying sorry with flowers doesn’t just show how sorry you are but also shows how important your girlfriend is to you, and that you took the best efforts to choose the best flowers for her. So the next time you are late for a date, say something wrong, or are trying to make up for a bad fight, you know what to do.

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