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Flowers & Gifts that Corporate Office will Love!

Corporate Flowers

Corporate Gift Ideas

  • The Teacher’s Apple RemixTake the gift of the teacher’s apple to new heights with this fun and flavorful gift idea. The unsuspecting and well-deserving “bringer of knowledge” will be utterly surprised when he receives this delicious package.
  • Corporate Survival KitEvery office worker enjoys lunchtime and those sinful treats hidden away in a desk drawer. Create an appreciation gift full of coupons for your co-worker’s favorite lunchtime hideaways and afternoon treats.
  • Team Spirit Photo Jar-collage-Those great events corporations arrange to build teamwork and motivation certainly pay off, but keeping the memories alive deserves more than a dusty photo frame. Make these “jar-collages” to preserve the memories.
  • Post-It Proper- Post-it Notes get the message across fast, but reaching for that boring little stack of notes leaves much to be desired. Make your co-worker’s stack of Post-it Notes stand out by creating a proper home for them.
  • Chalkboard Planter- Nothing beats writing on the teacher’s chalkboard. Combine the art of the green thumb with the art of “getting it right” on the blackboard with this fun teacher appreciation project.
  • Thirst QuencherAfternoon tea or morning coffee deserve a brightly colored and fun container. Remind your co-workers of how much you appreciate their assistance by making a personalized container for their favorite office drinks.
  • The Afternoon “Snacker”- Everyone knows the afternoon “snacker;” he sneaks off after the meeting to indulge in his favorite treats. Make it easy for him by recycling and decorating an egg carton and filling it with delicious morsels full of fun and flavor.
  • Flower Vase- Creating a combination of function and beauty is simple with this colorful flower vase project. Teachers, or co-workers, will certainly appreciate the extra pens, highlighters or colored pencils coupled with a beautiful flower arrangement delivered by this simple project.
  • The Gift of Good Grub- From granola cereal to homemade meat rubs everyone enjoys a good meal accompanied by flavors that impart a personal touch. Create a range of corporate food gifts with this list of DIY holiday gifts.
  • Savory and Sweet Mason Jars- Mason jars deliver a curious piece of history and antique jars are a gift themselves. Why not fill mason jars with sweet and savory treats for co-workers, friends and teachers? 
  • Christmas Ornament Projects for Co-WorkersThe classic Secret Santa game plays out in offices around the country. This year, delight your office mates with personalized, handmade ornaments.
  • Office Supply DecoratingFashionable office supplies brighten everyone’s day. Decorating ordinary clips, rulers and letter openers will help your child’s teacher or your cubicle partner get through the day with a smile. 
  • Quilted Coasters- Your boss’s desk could use a break from those cold cups and besides, cup bottoms like it warm and cozy, too. Help your supervisor keep his mahogany desk free from blemishes with these fun quilted coasters. 

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