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10 Thoughtful Gifts That Will Definitely Make Cousin's Day Special

Cousin Gifts

Whether you have siblings or you are an only child, your cousins must have been very close to you while you were growing up. They are often more than relations and the best friends you can have while you are struggling through school, learning to play a sport or wondering how to make a lasting impression at your first ever date! So, this Cousin’s Day, you can show how much you appreciate them by sending a beautiful bouquet of fresh and vibrant flowers. The day is also sometimes known as Niece & Nephew day and can be the perfect occasion for you to pamper them. But how do you choose the best flowers that will warm your cousin’s heart? Here are 10 ideas that involve flowers to get you started.

  1. Something sunny

    All those times that you spent with your cousins were surely sunny, warm and happy. So, why not send a bright arrangement of yellow Asiatic lilies, cymbidium orchids and spray roses? It will look exotic, modern and will bring back memories of picnics, summer houses, beach vacations and more.

  2. Pink for an emotional touch

    Do you have a cousin who was always there for you when you ran into trouble with a teacher or messed up at a party? Or maybe he or she gave you the perfect advice at all times? Then send across a bouquet of pink and yellow roses with some lively green accents that will celebrate your special bond.

  3. Elegant arrangement

    Older cousins often occupy a special place in your heart as they often act as guides or mentors whether you are having a hard time with Math or trying hard to land that dream job! So, a classy bunch of tulips, roses and hydrangeas can be the best way to thank them and show how much you admire and love them.

  4. Power of roses

    A large bouquet of red, pink and yellow roses can convey the deepest of affections in style, especially if you are sending it to a cousin who was with you in the darkest of times or someone who took care of you like a parent. Plus, roses are timeless and smell amazing too. Try Sending a Bunch of Roses Internationally now to your cousin.

  5. Cheerful carnations

    Available in vibrant hues like pink, purple, yellow, red and orange, carnations epitomise happiness, positivity and luck. So, this Niece & Nephew day, send a beautiful bunch of carnations in multiple colours to wish your cousin good health, joy and good fortune. Pink and white carnations can also be a good pick for a more sophisticated gift.

  6. Explosion of colours and textures

    Think out of the box and send a big bouquet of different flowers in different colours to impress your cousin. For instance, yellow daisies, purple carnations, red roses and pink lilies can be combined for a wonderful arrangement. Or, put together yellow roses, pink daisies, purple orchids, orange peonies and lots of greens.

  7. Sunflowers for happiness

    Is your cousin going through a rough patch or just recovering from a serious illness? A lively bunch of sunflowers can lift his mood and spirits and fill him with warmth. It is a great way to remind him or her of bygone days when you had tons of fun together and were carefree.

  8. Flowers with some sweetness

    How about combining a bouquet of your cousin’s favourite flowers with a box of gourmet chocolates? If you order online, you can get chocolates in different exciting flavours like peanut, coconut, dark, caramel and so on.

  9. Flowers with something savoury

    If your cousin doesn’t have a sweet tooth, pair a beautiful bouquet with a basket of savoury goodies like cheeses, cookies, nuts and salamis.

  10. Flowers with teddy

    Do you have a young cousin maybe who is still in her teen years or a college girl with a soft spot? Send her a bunch of fresh flowers with a cute and cuddly teddy bear and you will be remembered for years to come.

So, make this Cousin’s Day special and cherish old memories with fresh, beautiful and colourful flowers! Hope the above ideas will help you choose right.

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