10 Best Real Flower Crafts for Kids

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Kids get easily bored, especially during holidays, no matter how fun a toy is or how exciting their friends are. So, how do you keep them engaged and lively, while boosting their imagination and creativity? DIY and craft activities involving flowers are a great way to keep kids interested. Flower crafts are delightful as the fresh blooms look pretty, colourful and smell great. Kids can also learn from flower garden resources and make their gardens look better.Moreover, your child learns to appreciate nature and aesthetics in a whole new way. So, here are some DIY craft ideas that your little one can try out safely-

  1. Flower Petal Placemats:

    For this activity, all you need is some paper, clear contact paper, and some fresh flowers from your garden. Cut out the middle of a sheet from the paper to create a frame. Now gather your fresh flowers and pull off the petals you’re going to use. Place your paper frame on the contact paper with the sticky side up and create your flower petal arrangement inside it. Once the composition looks good to you, place the second piece of contact paper on top of it to seal it.

  2. Sensory Bottle:

    Looking for a fun and beautiful flower craft for kids? Just find a clear plastic bottle with a tight lid. Get your kids to hunt some flowers and remove their stems. Now fill the bottle with water and add the flowers with some glitter, acrylic gems, beads, and close the bottle. Now shake the bottle to mix its contents and spend fun moments looking at everything settle down beautifully inside the bottle.

  3. Painting with Flowers:

    Your kids will love this DIY. Instead of using a brush, ask your kids to use flowers as a medium. They can either paint the leaves and make patterns with it or just use flower stems as brushes. You don’t need to buy anything for this flower craft, as you can just utilise nature’s goodness.

  4. Suncatcher Wind Chimes:

    For this project, you will need mason jar rings and some contact paper. Trace the mason jar rings on the contact paper on the non sticky side. Then peel off the other side of the contact paper and arrange the flowers inside the circles. Once done, place another contact sheet on top it to seal it. Repeat the process and make 5-6 similar rings of various shapes. You can either hang these rings individually or tie them together with a string to make a wind chime.

  5. Rose Bath Bombs:

    To make rose bath bombs, dry some rose petals and later crush them. Now, mix sodium bicarbonate with citric acid, olive oil, and a few drops of rose essential oil and add crushed rose petals. For the final step, add some water—enough to make the mixture hold together. Add some crushed petals to the silicone moulds before filling in the mixture. Refrigerate it for 2 hours and then remove the moulds.

  6. Floral napkin rings:

    To make floral rings, all you need is some roses and some smaller filler flowers and hypericum berries. Start knotting them together to make rings that can be tied around a folded napkin.

  7. Floral Bath Salt Soak:

    Take a bowl and add one cup Epsom salt and one cup Dead Sea salt to it. Now add a few drops of lavender and chamomile essential oil. Mix it all together. Add a few lavender buds, calendula flowers, rose petals and chamomile flowers and mix it all again. Transfer the mix into airtight glass jars and use it while taking a bath.

  8. Zinnia Pine Cones:

    Collect few cones while walking or hiking on a forest trail. Paint these cones in white first and let it dry. Now apply a bright colour that matches the interiors of your house. You can add multiple layers of paint and place these cones on the living room table or on the windowsill.

  9. Floral Favours:

    If you are about a throw a party, making floral favours could be a great flower craft for kids. Get a few small linen pouches and a few candies. Ask your kids to fill each pouch with a few candies, nosegays and tie it all together with a ribbon. Now tie this entire favour pack to a rose with the help of a floral fabric.

  10. Flower resin jewellery:

    Ask your kids to pick small flowers from your garden and apply some glue to them with a toothpick. Put a round pendant frame around the flowers, and apply glue near the frame’s edges. Now carefully press it down along with the flowers for about a minute. Once you are done, leave it to dry for ten to fifteen minutes. After it dries, clean its edges and put a chain around it and let your kids wear their own creation.

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So, discuss these cool flower craft ideas with your little ones and try out those that intrigue them the most.

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