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  • Create These Beautiful Bouquets With Carnations For Father’s Day

Create These Beautiful Bouquets With Carnations For Father’s Day

Create These Beautiful Bouquets With Carnations For Father’s Day
Is there any way to repay your dear father for all that he has done for you? And, when an occasion such as Father’s Day is round the corner, flowers are supposedly the most expressive and beautiful gifts to express your gratitude. And, some specific types of flowers like carnations are such apt embodiments of love and admiration that they are indispensable parts of any flower bouquets and arrangements. Also, with flowers, you can be a bit careful about whom you want to gift it to and, thereby, make them communicate your truest feelings from the bottom of your heart. So, if it is Father’s Day and you are willing to send flowers for him, who is the first and the real hero of your life, then you must consider carnations.

Why Carnations are Ideal Flowers for Your Father?

Carnations are outstandingly beautiful flowers that come with a lot of meaning too. They are deeply associated with the concept of Mother’s Day since its inception and have been considered to be the symbols of love, purity, admiration and grace. The flowers, therefore, are ideal for fathers too, who play as much an important role in our lives as mothers and for whom, you have the same gratitude and love to express. Plus, carnations come in a sheer variety of colours and types, which provides you with a lot of options to choose from even from a single variety of flower.

Different Carnation Bouquet Styles to Consider

Even if you are planning to DIY a flower bouquet to present to your man on father’s day and surprise him, you can actually explore quite a few types. However, to create some elegant bouquets, you need to know about the three main types of the flower itself. So, here is a brief discussion on each of them and how they can be made into excellent arrangements:

Create a Simple Bunch with the Large Flowers – The large-sized variety of carnations typically comes with one big flower per stem. As a result, a bunch of these carnations create a pattern for themselves wherein a few flowers are at the same height and a few of them with bigger blossoms peep out of the bunch. For this type of arrangement, ensure that you use carnations of the same colour or varying shades of one particular colour.

Make a Funky Flower Basket with the Dwarf Carnations – The dwarf carnations are the smallest variety of carnations and they can be held together in a basket of flowers with a cute handle. You can include these dwarf carnations of different colours together to strike a unique look. Some other types of flowers can be included too but let the carnations define the design of the bouquet.

Go for a Mixed Arrangement with the Spray Carnation Flowers – Carnations have such a wide variety that you can easily prepare a mixed arrangement with carnations alone. However, when made a part of a mixed floral arrangement, ensure that you include the spray flowers. The spray flowers have several smaller flowers per stem so; they are able to lend an unconventional look to your bouquet as a whole.

Carnations are not just fascinating but also long-lasting flowers that are suitable for special occasions like Father’s Day. It is indeed interesting to learn about the many types and varieties in which they are grown. While using them for bouquets and arrangements, always ensure choosing a reputed flower delivery company in order to be able to get hold of the freshest and most beautiful blossoms.

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