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Decorate Your Home For A Thanksgiving Party With These Flowers

Decorate Your Home For A Thanksgiving Party With These Flowers

Thanksgiving is the time to get together with your loved ones and be grateful for life’s blessings – big and small. People visit their friends and family to spend time together and, of course, enjoy a huge spread. The day is known for its feasts so it is also the festival of cooking and eating with your loved ones. If you are going to be hosting a Thanksgiving, make sure your home dazzles. Here are a few flower-décor ideas to turn your home into a Thanksgiving home.

The All-red Decor

Turn your home into a festive home with an all-red floral décor. Pick a bunch of carnations, roses, and even a stem or two of poinsettias. This all-red décor can function as a centrepiece for your table, or you can create smaller bouquets to place around the house to create a cheerful atmosphere. The all-red décor will surely brighten up the look of your home and create a wonderful atmosphere for the festive season.

Corn decor

Corn décor is an unusual choice for Thanksgiving décor, and it might be a tad bold. However, the end result will make it worth your time. So grab a few corns, along with some metallic spray paint. Depending on the rest of your décor, you can pick bronze, silver, and gold to spray paint the corn. Next, let them dry on a piece of newspaper. You can place the spray-painted corns in a bowl or tie them together with a candle in the centre for an exotic centrepiece.

Acorn and Floral Display

An acorn and floral display is the perfect way to spruce up your table. This centrepiece is easy to assemble and is laid out horizontally on the table. First off, you will need dried acorns. Then, head to your backyard for any and all flowers you might have. You can also get a flower delivery of your favourite flowers. Next, grab some green foliage and assemble the bouquet, and your centrepiece is ready.

Dried Wheat Display

Unusual but extremely relevant to this holiday, a dried-wheat display in your home is just what you need to make the décor unique. You can grab stems of dried wheat and spray paint them to colour them. You can also grab a bunch, and place them in a clear vase with acorns at the bottom.

Paper Flowers and Candles

This particular décor idea might take a little extra time, but it is long lasting and even eco-friendly. You can buy craft paper in different fall colours, such as ochre, burnt orange, sienna and shades of brown. Next, make simple paper flowers out of the craft papers. Place them in a bowl or cornucopia. You can add a fall-scented candle to liven up the mood.

Online flower delivery makes it easy to get flower bouquets to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. While that is always a great idea, you can try some of these decor ideas, too, if you want to do something different this Thanksgiving.

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