delaware state flowers

The Peach blossom (Prunus persica, a native of China, is the Delaware State Flower. The peach tree bears a juicy fruit of the same name. Peach blossoms are produced in early spring before the leaves. Many peach trees are planted in commercial orchards, and some are cultivated in gardens as ornamentals.


Peach blossom blooms as a solitary or paired flower. The Peach blossom is 2.5-3 cm in diameter, with five petals.Peach blossoms are light pink to carmine, to purplish in color. The ovary on the Peach blossom is perigynous, simple (single locule), and surrounded by a hypanthium. The color of the inner surface of the hypanthium on the Peach Blossom is indicative of flesh color.

Peach blossom petals can be large and showy, or small and curved on margins. Peach blossom is borne singly on short peduncles (almost sessile) from lateral buds on 1-yr-old wood. There are usually 1-2 Peach blossom buds/node. Peach blossoms exhibit cleistogamy, pollinating themselves prior to opening.

  • The Peach blossom was adopted as Delaware's floral emblem by an act of the legislature on March 9, 1895. In 1953, the Peach Blossom was named as the official state flower.
  • The Peach blossom appears before the Peach leaves.
  • The delicate pink Peach blossoms may be large and showy, but sometimes are quite small.
  • Peach trees grow 15-25 feet high. Their slender leaves have toothed edges.
  • Peach tree start bears fruit at 3 to 4 years old, reaching a peak at about 12 years.
  • The peach is the state fruit of South Carolina. Georgia is known as the Peach State.
Most peaches are self fertile. The United States is the world's leading producer of peaches.

The nectarine is a kind of peach that has a fuzzless, shiny skin. Like all members of the genus Prunus, peach leaves, Peach blossoms, and especially seeds and bark contain cyanogenic glycosides such as amygdalin and Prunasin. These compounds yield cyanide when the sugar moeity is cleaved, which is of course toxic or lethal in large doses

Prunus is a genus of trees and shrubs, including the plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and almonds. Peach is a roundish, yellow to reddish, edible fruit, with a hard, deeply pitted stone.

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The capital city of Delaware is Dover. The Delaware State flag was adopted on July 24, 1913. The Delaware state flag has a background of colonial blue surrounding a diamond of buff color in which the coat of arms of the state is placed.

  • Delaware is situated on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, with moderate climate year round.
  • Delaware is situated between 38.27 and 39. 50 N. latitude, and between 75.2 and 75.4~ W. longitude.
  • Delaware was discovered by the exploring Spaniards and the Portuguese, in the 16 th century.
  • People believe that the trees grew in Delaware at least 4,000 years ago.
  • The Delaware State Bird is the Blue Hen Chicken.
  • Delaware is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay, as well as by the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.
  • Delaware ranks 49th in the nation, with a total area of 1,982 square miles.
  • Population of the state in 2004 was estimated at around 830,364.
  • Delaware's motto is Liberty and Independence.
  • Delaware's nicknames are The First State , Diamond State, The Peach State.
  • Delaware's largest cities include Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Bethany, and Milton.
  • Delaware shares a border with Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
  • Delaware is the country's leading producer of peaches with 800,000 peach trees and has earned the nickname, The Peach State.
  • Universities of Delaware include, Delaware State University, Goldey-Beacom College, University of Delaware.
  • The Delaware Museum of Natural History houses one of the hemisphere's largest shell collections.
  • Delaware Memorial Bridge is the longest twin span suspension bridge in the world. The bridge, which was opened in 1951, connects Delaware and New Jersey.
  • University Gallery on the campus of the University of Delaware has one of the largest amber collections in the world.
  • Waterfowl hunting is popular in Delaware, and the public beach at Delaware is very popular .