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  • The Different Colors Of Gerbera Daisies And Their Meanings

The Different Colors Of Gerbera Daisies And Their Meanings

The Different Colors Of Gerbera Daisies And Their Meanings
Gerbera daisies are best known for their colour. They are the 5th most popular flower in the world. These cheerful flowers are available in a range of shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and more. It isn’t surprising to learn that these flowers derive their name from an interpretation of ‘happiness’. Gerberas are traditionally South African flowers but today, they are available all over the world. These are perennial flowers which mean that they are available throughout the year. The Egyptians believed that gerberas reflected a close connection to nature and the run. Similarly, the Celts believed that gerberas lower stress levels and sorrow. These flowers are a vibrant celebration of life and everything that’s good in it.

While gifting someone a bunch of gerberas is sure to cheer them up, your gift would be even more special is you chose the right colour of gerberas. Each colour has its own symbolism. Here’s what the different colours of gerberas symbolize.

Orange Gerberas:

Orange gerberas are amongst the most bright and colorful flowers. For many years, orange has been associated with energy, enthusiasm and warmth. These are great flowers for someone who needs to be cheered up. For example, you could send gerberas in shades of orange to a person who’s recovering from an illness in hospital.

Yellow Gerberas

Yellow like the sun, these gerberas symbolize happiness and friendship. These are great flowers to gift a friend on their birthday. These flowers are also great to celebrate special achievements in your friend’s life. For example, you could celebrate your friend’s promotion with a bouquet of yellow gerberas. Similarly, if you’re looking for flowers to gift new parents, yellow gerberas would be a great choice.

Pink Gerberas

Pink is known to be feminine and delicate. This colour traditionally symbolizes grace and gentility. But not all pinks are the same. Light pink shades can convey sympathy and admiration. These flowers are great for get well soon bouquets or bouquets for teacher’s day. Similarly, dark pink gerberas are symbols of gratitude. These are the perfect flowers for a boss on her birthday.

Red Gerberas

Nothing speaks of love and passion like the colour red. Red gerberas are a great way to show someone that you love them and care about them. These flowers are great anniversary gifts as well as birthday bouquets for your spouse. To make your gift even more special, pair the flowers with chocolates.

White Gerberas

White is the colour of purity and innocence. Thus, if you pick a bouquet of white gerberas to present someone, you’re complimenting their innocent nature. White also conveys sympathy. If you want to send flowers to someone who’s grieving over a loss, these are the ideal flowers.

Purple Gerberas

Though they may not be very common, you can find purple gerberas. Purple reflects pride and elegance. They also reflect feminine beauty. So, if you’re looking for a way to tell a woman that you admire her elegance, purple gerberas would make the perfect bouquet.

Gerberas are a great choice for all occasions. These flowers all face the sun and thus are amongst the most cheerful of all flowers. They also last for relatively long. Did you know that these flowers were also the birth flowers for April? You can put together a bouquet of the same colour of gerberas or a bunch of mixed colours. A bouquet of colorful gerberas energizes the recipient for the next stage of their adventures.

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