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  • The Different Types Of Lilies You Can Gift On A Birthday

The Different Types Of Lilies You Can Gift On A Birthday

The Different Types Of Lilies You Can Gift On A Birthday
A birthday is a unique day for all of us. Right from childhood, we wait eagerly every year for that one special day when we are showered with love, attention and gifts from our near and dear ones. As we grow older, the way we celebrate our birthday changes but the essence still remains the same. Since birthdays are such an anticipated and special annual event, even our near and dear ones try and make it special in every way they can. From arranging elaborate surprise birthday parties to giving us thoughtful gifts, our family and friends try and make our birthday memorable year after year.

If you have a friend’s birthday coming up and you have thought up of the perfect gift to give but also want to gift flowers, then we suggest you send lilies for his or her birthday this year. Let us list down some reasons why lilies are the perfect birthday gift this season and also list down different types of lilies that you could give to your friend.
  • Did you know that lilies represent positivity and happiness? What better way to start your birthday than with a beautiful arrangement of lilies! We are sure your friend will appreciate the thought behind the bouquet of lilies.
  • The petals of the lily flower beautifully curl outwards and represent openness and generosity and warmth. Thus, sending someone lilies means that you are showing your warmth and generosity towards your friend and welcoming them in your life with open arms.
  • And if your friend’s birthday falls in May, then nothing better than gifting them their birth flower. Lilies are the birth flower for the month of May, so surprise them with a bouquet of their birth flower.

Now that you why you should give lilies for your friend’s birthday, we tell you some popular lilies that you can gift.

  • Tiger lilies look very beautiful in any arrangement and would be a good flower to gift to your friend on their birthday. The orange and black flowers are eye catching and would be loved by someone who loves bright colours.
  • If your friend is someone who likes soft colours, then gift them double sensation lilies. These are in pink and white and perfect for those who love subtle colours flowers.
  • You could also send mixed Asiatic lilies that come in assorted colours. You could ask your florist to arrange these with other flowers such as carnations, roses, etc.
  • Peruvian lilies are another popular variety of lilies that can be gifted to your friend. These are available in colours such as orange, pink, white, yellow, red and salmon and will surely delight your friend.

You need not step out of your home to place an order for any of the above flowers. Instead, place an order for online flower delivery with leading websites. These websites will deliver your choice of flowers anywhere in the country. All you need to do is browse through their list of lilies and choose the ones that you would like to send to your friend. You need not worry about your budget going haywire as these websites have a flower combination for all budgets. They also take special care to send only fresh flowers. You can make the payment using multiple modes and request the flowers to be delivered at your specified address. Sending such fresh flowers was never this easy.

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