DIY Anniversary Flower Bouquet Ideas For Him

DIY Anniversary Flower Bouquet Ideas For Him

Who said flowers are only for women? Men love receiving a bouquet of flowers too! So, this anniversary why wait for your husband to get you a bouquet, how about surprising him with one instead? Opening the door to a flower delivery is a great way to surprise your husband and make him feel special on this occasion.

Today, you can order flowers online and have them delivered to your home or even to our husband’s office. In case, you’re in different cities for work or for any other reason, you can even have flowers delivered there. Thus, even if you’re not there in person, you can make him feel special. But, there’s a different kind of happiness experienced in receiving a bouquet that a person has made themselves. It may not look as professional but a DIY bouquet speaks of love and care. So, here are a few DIY anniversary flower bouquet ideas for him.

Pick flowers with a special meaning

Roses are typically considered romantic flowers but they may not always be the best choice for a bouquet. For example, say you had big beautiful sun flowers growing outside your first home together. Gifting your husband a bunch of sunflowers would immediately take him back to that tie in your lives and remind him of the days when you’ll were just married. Similarly, maybe you could use flowers to recreate a special moment. Maybe your husband gave you a bouquet of flowers the first time you went out on a date with him. Making a similar bouquet with those flowers can be a great way to celebrate the special moments in your life together.

Pick flowers in his favourite colour

Some people like red while others love the colour yellow. When you want to send flowers for anniversary, think of your husband’s favourite colour. If he likes black and blue, this might be a tall order. You might be able to find blue orchids but these would probably have been artificially colored. Other colours are easier to find. Carnations are available in varied shades of red, pink and yellow. Similarly, daisies can be found in many shades of yellow, orange, pink, red, etc.

Mix and Match

You don’t have to stick to one type of flowers for an anniversary bouquet. Mix and match different flowers and colours to create a vibrant bouquet. For example, you could mix lilies with carnations. Lilies are long-lasting flowers and will brighten your home with their blooms for many days after your anniversary. This can be quite cost effective too. Lilies are typically more expensive that carnations so this bouquet would cost less than a bouquet of only lilies.

Present the flowers in a unique way

If you put together a bouquet yourself, you may not have access to the paper and cellophane used by florists. But there are many other options available. You can wrap the flowers together in simple sheets of white paper. Sunflowers look great when wrapped in something as simple as brown paper. Alternatively, you could arrange the flowers in a basket or a vase.

Sometimes you may be in places where anniversary flower delivery is a little difficult. Maybe you’ve decided to celebrate your anniversary on an island somewhere or up in the hills. In such cases, you can simply put together a bunch of wild flowers. This may not tick any of the above boxes but will still make your day special and bring a smile to your husband’s face. 

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