DIY Centerpiece Ideas For Christmas Dinner

DIY Centerpiece Ideas For Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is something to look forward to throughout the year. It’s a time for the family to get together. It’s about decorating the house, putting up tinsel and a Christmas tree and of course good food. Christmas dinners are often the most elaborate meal of the year. They say you eat first with your eyes and then with your mouth. Hence, the food must look as appetizing as it tastes. When it comes to dressing up food, it’s not just garnishes you need to be concerned with. The way your table is decorated also plays an important role. Here are a few DIY ideas for centerpieces to complement your Christmas themed table linen and crockery. So go, ahead and get creative and take your décor to the next level.

An arrangement of lilies

A bunch of delicate white lilies will stand out against the reds and greens of Christmas décor. These Christmas flowers are great because they have a long life and can grace your table for the entire season. Lilies look their best when arranged in a tall vase. There’s little you need to do to arrange them. Simply cut the stems at a 45 degree angle and place in a vase filled with water. These flowers will not just add to the look of your table but also give off a subtle aroma of their own.

A Bunch of Roses

Roses are the most versatile centerpieces flowers. If you don’t have any Christmas themed table linen, you could put out a plain white table cloth and place a bunch of red roses in the center to dress up your table. Alternatively, if there’s too much red and green going on in the room, you could choose a bunch of yellow roses or even multi-colored roses. Avoid white roses for such a festive occasion. Roses can be arranged in many different ways. You can put them together in a tall vase or a shorter, wide bowl. Making a grid with tape across the mouth of the vase can make it easier for you to arrange the flowers. To add to the look, how about arranging the roses in a flat wide bowls with a few tall tapering candles.

Mixed arrangements

Many online flower delivery services today also offer mixed arrangements. This is a simple combination of different types of flowers. It helps you get the most value for your money. For example, lilies are expensive and a bunch of them may go over your budget. But, by choosing a mixed arrangement of lilies and roses or carnations, you can control costs. Mixed flower arrangement can be put together in a vase as a bunch or divided into small arrangements to be placed along the length of the table.

Flower petals

Not everyone likes to have a tall central flower arrangement on the dinner table. Many people feel that it obstructs their vision and keeps them from seeing their guest’s faces. An alternative is to make a low arrangement of just the buds or to use petals. Petals can be strewn along the length of the table in the form of a runner or kept in bowls of water. You can even add a few floating candles to these bowls to give your table a soft glow.

Flowers are the easiest and most budget friendly table centerpieces for a Christmas dinner. The best part about them is that even after the dinner is over and everyone else has gone back home, the blooms will remind you of the festivities and cheerful banter.

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