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  • DIY Chocolate And Flower Basket Guide For 14th February

DIY Chocolate And Flower Basket Guide For 14th February

DIY Chocolate and Flower Basket Guide For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you might already be in the mood for planning for surprise gifts and flowers for your loved one. While the choice of gifts will largely depend on what your loved one likes, there are two things that will remain synonymous with the day of love and these are chocolates and roses. Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates are made available in a sheer collection by several providers online. Picking the best-possible items from them, you can choose to prepare a DIY chocolate and flower basket this Valentine’s Day.

Why Do It Yourself?

While there is no dearth of readymade bouquets and hampers out there, a basket that you prepare on your own, no matter how simple, will communicate your love more than anything else. Also, doing something on your own has a fun of its own that is incomparable. Unlike something that you buy from a store, a DIY bouquet is fully satisfactory and leaves no scope for you to be disappointed about anything. Above all, the smile out of happiness and surprise on your loved one’s face pays for all your efforts and time into preparing this basket.

Choose the Basket and Other Accessories

Before you start buying the flowers and the chocolates, choose the basket. More than the shape and the design, it is the size of the basket that you have to determine. Are you going to carry it yourself to the date? Then, choose a cute and small-sized basket that is lightweight and portable. On the contrary, a big one can be opted for if you are going to send it directly to his/her home or workplace as such. Apart from the basket, get hold of a few décor accessories such as ribbon, wrapping paper, glitters and so on, depending on how simple or decked up you want the basket to be.

Get an Assortment of the Finest Chocolates

Assuming that you are well aware of the types of chocolates your boyfriend/girlfriend is fond of, it s best to include as much variety as you can. The amount of chocolates you put into the basket is certainly not as important as incorporating everything that your loved one would find delicious. A few types of cookies also go well with the chocolates so, pick the finest ones and make them a part of your arrangement.

Pick the Freshest Blossoms Out There

A DIY chocolate and flower basket must contain the best valentine flowers out there. However, these don’t necessarily have to be the red roses only. In fact, the more variety you put in, the more fascinating the basket would look. Flowers that are suitable for a Valentine’s Day gift basket apart from roses would include orchids, tulips, carnations, gerbera daisies, irises and tulips as well. Get the best-quality fresh flowers from a reputed provider and do not compromise with the quality of the blossoms.

When it comes to getting a DIY basket ready, there are lots of things to plan for. So, it is essential that you start planning well in advance and start placing your order for the chocolates, flowers etc. With everything taken care of desirably, do not forget to include a personal note in the basket with words of your own. This would make the basket complete and treasure worthy in the true sense.

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