6 DIY Floral Booth Ideas


The best way to relive a memory or a series of them is through pictures. A photograph transports you right back to the happy occasion. Today, any occasion or a celebration is incomplete without photo booth and props. Photo booths, especially one made with flowers uplifts the ambience of any important occasion, be it a walk down the aisle, a baby shower or a fun get together.

Here are some DIY flower gifts for photo booth ideas-to capture picture perfect moments and make memories that last a lifetime.

Basic Material Required

  1. Photo frame
  2. Styrofoam
  3. Scissors
  4. Coloured craft wire
  5. Fresh flowers and greenery
  6. Add-ons for extra touch like twinkle lights, ribbons, cut outs

With the above material in hand you can craft a beautiful flower gift-a floral photo booth-to suit different occasions and moods.

How to Make the Floral Booth

  • To make the booth tie the Styrofoam with the coloured wired around the edges of the frame where you wish to add the flowers and the greenery.
  • Next, trim the flowers and greenery to an appropriate length, long enough that you don’t compromise on the look and short enough that the sticks do not stick out awkwardly.
  • Cover the edges completely so that no Styrofoam is visible
  • Embellish the photo booth with add-ons that reflect the occasion

With these basic steps there are a variety of floral booths that can be designed to capture and preserve your memories:

  1. Romantic Photo Booth: It is your friend’s wedding anniversary surprise party? Add fun to the occasion with a romantic floral photo booth. Use the basic instructions to make a floral photo booth and customize it for a romantic occasion by using flowers in hues of red. Red roses and red carnations embody love and passion and are perfect for a romantic booth. Add fairy lights to make the ambience ethereal.
  2. Bridal Shower Booth: Add to the bride’s joy by creating an elegant bridal photo booth in a colour palette of pinks, peaches and violets. Pink and peach carnations with a dash of violet orchids are a perfect combination to capture the wedded bliss.
  3. Bohemian Booth: Let yourself go wild and carefree with a boho-chic floral booth decorated with vibrant golden yellow sunflowers and gerbera daisies in shades of orange. Decorate a distressed wooden frame and let loose tantalizing wisps of ribbons to enhance the blitheness and add extra greenery for the bohemian theme.
  4. Baby Shower Booth: Capture the secret joy of the glowing mother and create future memories for the new life to look back and smile upon, with a flower gift in the form of a photo booth. Design a floral photo prop representing innocence and purity with flowers in shades of yellow, pink, white and mauve. Add balloons, ribbons and a baby banner to complete the look.
  5. Vintage Booth: For a vintage look, use an antique frame and add charm with a combination of large and smaller flowers for contrasting touches of colour and texture. Combine the royalty of lilies with the elegance of roses and the class of carnations for a vintage affair. Spray gold or silver glitter paint for an authentic vintage feel.
  6. Wedding Booth: Be it a traditional Indian or a church wedding, floral booths are a must have to capture the festivity of this beautiful union between two people. Fiery orange marigolds and gerberas for Indian wedding, and pastel hues of carnations, roses and lilies for church weddings, personify the joy and the solemnity of the occasion.
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