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DIY Flower And Fruit Bouquets for Harvest Festival in UK

DIY Flower Bouquets

As the name suggests, Harvest Festival is celebrated during harvest time. It is specifically celebrated on the full moon day which occurs close to autumn equinox. The Farmers and the other people will thank for the good harvest. It is recently celebrated with less fortunate people by donating some food or raising money for them. Everyone has a wish of creating their own flower arrangements and gifting them to their loved ones. If they start praising for their work, you can’t measure their happiness.

Ideas for Kids:

Harvest Festival Games:

The games usually conducted are spoon races, pumpkin carvings, haystack search. You can also keep games like making their own doll with the corn or with apple. Conduct some Singing competitions for kids or poem telling, you will see the new talent in your kids which you haven’t seen till now.


Get your kids into the garden and show them the big pumpkins you have grown, or the apples in the back yard, some carrot and cabbage which is fully grown and seems healthy. Or take them to the fruit and vegetable market to show them all these and explain how these are grown and benefits of each one.

DIY Flower Bouquets:

Simply Sun Flower Basket:

People decorate their churches with baskets of Fruits and flowers. Take a clear vase and place 3 sunflowers then add few apples beside the vase and finally place the big pumpkin. It will look simple and stunning.

Hay Wreath:

Make a wreath with hay attach some small pumpkins to it. Some leaves of corn and you can add some flowers to it finally. You can hang this arrangement to the front wall of your house.

Church Table Decoration:

Place a white cloth on it. Along the table add black berries flowers, cherry blossoms and small chrysanthemums to it. Place a basket in the middle add all kinds of fruits available to you in various sizes so that it looks beautiful. After the festival is over these items are shared with the people by making parcels.

Window Decoration:

Centerpieces could be a good idea to decorate windows. Take a clear big round shaped vase fill it with Oranges or apples then insert olive stems, add roses, carnations and Daisies to it with long stems so that it looks like a big flower and fruit combined assortment.

Pumpkin Decoration:

Use all sizes of pumpkins together along with the creeper which adds glory to the arrangement you are making. Write some thanks note on it. Add pears in between and few small flowers.

Whatever you make try to put in correct shape and size so that anything will look beautiful. Ask your kids to participate in all the games they keep. Decorate Your homes with all kinds of flowers and fruits. You can also send flowers to your friends who will be celebrating this festival. Pickupflowers will deliver flowers where ever you want and has a wide variety of flowers. Since it’s a festival of saying thanks, you must be blessed to have all those. Share some things with people who are less fortunate, so that they will bless you more. And there is a chance that you will prosper in life.

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