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DIY Guide For Creating Christmas Dinner Centrepieces

DIY Guide For Creating Christmas Dinner Centrepieces

Christmas is indubitably one of the best things about the winter season. When it’s time for Christmas, it’s also time for buying presents, cleaning your house and adorning it beautifully to create a winter wonderland. We all do so much to decorate our house on the occasion of Christmas. We buy beautiful Christmas flowers, make lovely wreaths for our main door, set up a gorgeous Christmas tree and brighten up the mantel, walls and staircase.

But, what about the dining room table décor for the lavish Christmas feast? Of course, your absolutely delectable menu will be the star of the show, however, a stunning Christmas centrepiece can always enhance the charm of your dinner. Here, we have listed some of the easiest DIY Christmas centrepiece ideas that will certainly amaze the guests as they sit down for main course. Let’s have a look.

  1. Balls of Fun
    This is a great centrepiece idea that is also the easiest. All you have to do is take a shiny silver bowl and fill it with bright and colourful Christmas balls and other ornaments. Place this bowl on top of a cake stand. Cover the extra space on the stand with the gorgeous holly and evergreens.

  2. Sparkling Accents
    Small embellishments such as milk starbursts, greens and pinecones look extremely well when bundled together in a centrepiece. You can make use of discarded serve ware such as cups, jars, etc. by turning them into candleholders or planters. This will more charm to the entire setup.

  3. Red and White Centrepiece
    Another very easy and dressy Christmas centrepiece can be made by using red and white roses bundled together in a rectangular vase. You can easily anchor the flowers in floral foam to make sure they do not fall out. Additionally, you can cover the rectangular vase with candy canes using a hot glue gun. You can even spray the candy canes with any acrylic spray to make it more attractive. Finally, complete the look by tying it with a ribbon.

    You can even order roses online from any reputed website and get these beautiful Christmas flowers delivered right at your doorstep.

  4. Tower of Apples
    Green apples make for the perfect display on the occasion of Christmas. To create this centrepiece, simply take a glass jar and fill it with apples. You can even add some loose greens to give a nice wintry feel to the jar. It looks best when you place this jar on top of a bevelled edge mirror that in a way, serves as the table runner. Finally, add some candles, ball embellishments and greens on the sides.

  5. Lilies and Candles
    Beautiful lilies in white colour can complement any type of Christmas table décor. Take a large ceramic bowl, preferably white and fill it with gorgeous pure white lilies. Put a bright pillar candle in the middle of the arrangement. If needed, you can even keep a small block in the middle and keep the candle on top of it to give it some extra height.

  6. Lantern Light
    You can keep a pair of lanterns in the centre of the table and surround them with fresh greens and pinecones to create a stunning and classic Christmas centrepiece.

  7. Natural Touches
    This is another lovely Christmas centrepiece that you can create using the beautiful wintry white tulips. Take different sizes of glass vases and fill them with fresh tulips. You can keep silvery ornaments or other décor items around it to enhance the display.
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