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  • DIY Guide For Floral Arrangements On Valentine's Day

DIY Guide For Floral Arrangements On Valentine's Day

DIY Guide For Floral Arrangements On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for lovers all over the world, and demands for something beautiful if you are hosting a romantic dinner. And what is better than flowers to add charm, love and joy to your home and the dinner table? These days, you can easily opt for Valentine’s flower delivery services to order fresh, fragrant blooms that can be arranged as per your wish. This can lend a personal touch and creativity to store-bought flowers. Read on for some wonderful DIY arrangement ideas.

Think beyond vases

While it is usual to arrange flowers in vases, consider unique options like a watering can, a big and deep bowl, an ice bucket or a grand metal planter. If you choose to go with vases, pick those that have a unique shape or look luxurious.

Decide what kind of flowers and which colours you will use, so that the vase can contrast them. For instance, a silver vase can go beautifully with red, purple or hot pink flowers, while a black vase is ideal for orange or yellow blooms. A crystal vase is often perfect to flaunt pastel flowers, even if contrast is missing. For simple flowers, make sure the vase is stunning. And choose a minimalistic vase if the flowers are gorgeous and vivid.

Pick flowers with care

Every flower on earth is beautiful and special, so you are free to choose what sets your pulse racing on Valentine’s Day! However, here are ideas that will be successful every single time:

  • Timeless roses – A beautiful arrangement of red roses in a silver or crystal vase can set the mood for passion and deep admiration. They smell amazing and are an eternal symbol of love. You can also pick orange or lavender roses for a unique touch.

  • Pretty carnations – These flowers come in exciting shades like pink, red, yellow, purple and orange. You can either arrange carnations of a single colour in a vase or mix two different shades for an interesting look. A bunch of multicoloured carnations will also convey the warm feelings you have for your partner.

  • Joyful gerberas – Gerbera daisies express love and romance simply yet memorably. Like carnations, they come in many different colours and the big floral heads are exquisite. You can pair red and pink daisies, or yellow and orange ones, or even white and red ones, to make charming arrangements.

  • Mixed arrangements – If you can’t decide which flower to use, try a mix of different kinds. Combine roses, lilies and carnations, or daisies, carnations and roses for a stunning arrangement. The colours can be contrasting or similar, depending on whether you want a bold or classy look.

  • Start arranging - Fill the vessel more than halfway with clean water before you start arranging flowers. Make sure the vessel is clean too as bacteria or fungi can ruin the blooms.

Then, start placing bigger flowers towards the centre and smaller ones around the periphery. If you are using flowers of the same size, this won’t be a problem. You can also place a wet sponge in the vase and then fill it with water, so that sticking the stems in it is easy. Make sure you cut the stems in such a way that the bouquet doesn’t look awry. And the cuts should be diagonal, so that the stems soak up more water.

As fillers, you can insert leafy stems here and there, or baby’s breath, as they look delicate! Ferns and succulents also make for exotic fillers and give a delicious green touch to floral arrangements.

So, are you all set to create beautiful flower arrangements on your own for the most romantic day of the year? Even if you are short on time, you can opt for Valentine’s flower delivery services and get gorgeous readymade arrangements that will light up your home.

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